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Head-on car accident kills woman, injures man

Missouri drivers can take all the proper precautions, operate their vehicles safely and predictably and still find themselves in a car accident. These crashes can happen without warning and come about in a variety of ways. One of the worst types of car accidents involves a head-on collision. These can cause serious injuries and death. Often, they happen because a driver is going the wrong way on the road. When there is this kind of auto accident, those who have been hurt or lost a loved one must be cognizant of everything they will face and take steps to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

A head-on collision sparked by a vehicle going the wrong way killed a 52-year-old woman. It also hit another vehicle injuring the driver and sending him to the hospital. The accident occurred shortly after 1 p.m. as a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer crossed the center line and went into the opposite lanes hitting the woman's 1997 Nissan Sentra. The SUV then hit a 2009 Cadillac SRX in another head-on crash. The woman was declared dead at the scene. The male driver of the SUV, 35, was hospitalized in serious condition. The driver of the Cadillac did not have serious injuries.

Missouri teens seen as some of the most dangerous in the nation

There are multiple dangers on the roadways in Missouri and many are difficult to avoid. Teen drivers are risky because of their inexperience and that they are more likely to indulge in dangerous behaviors such as texting and driving. This is especially worrisome in the summer as there are more teens on the road. A recent study has examined teen drivers across the nation and ranked them. Missouri came in near the bottom.

In addition to having a low ranking in the study, the state also shuns the graduated driver's license program for young drivers. In the state, it is possible for a driver to get a learner's permit at age 15. Some believe that this is a factor in the number of accidents teens have. A leading number of fatalities among teens is a car crash.

Truck driver with suspended license has multi-car accident

Large trucks are a common sight on the Missouri roadways. The majority are operated safely within the boundaries of the law by operators who understand the various rules under which they work and adhere to them. However, there are also instances when truck accidents take place and it is due to the trucker not adhering to the laws and rules. For those who are involved in an accident with a truck, the sheer size of these vehicles and speeds at which the travel lend itself to there being serious injuries and fatalities. Those who have been affected by a trucking accident should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

A fatal accident led to the arrest of a 33-year-old trucker from Texas whose commercial license had previously been suspended. The accident occurred at 1:40 p.m. A 45-year-old man from Mississippi died. Four others were injured. The trucker is said to have failed to stop his Ford F-450 and hit a Ford Focus and Chevy Traverse from behind. The 57-year-old driver of the Ford suffered serious injuries. The 42-year-old passenger in the Ford was also injured, but to a lesser extent. The driver of the Chevy, a 60-year-old man, also suffered non-life threatening injuries. His 61-year-old passenger had minor injuries.

Nursing home lawsuits threatened

Last fall, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services removed an obstacle for nursing home neglect lawsuits in this country. It prohibited nursing homes that receive federal funding from inserting mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts admitting new residents to give greater assurances of the care provided to its residents. This rule impacted most nursing homes in this country.

However, the Trump Administration is attempting to rescind this policy which returned the right to sue to families. The CMS issued a proposed rule in June withdrawing this prohibition and making mandatory arbitration the nursing home industry standard. Mandatory arbitration was being restored, according to the CMS, to reduce the financial burden on nursing homes.

One person seriously injured in truck collision

Trucks are an integral part of our economy-they transport material from one state to another and help the economies grow. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, state and federal laws both regulate them. These laws are about truck driver's driving and resting hours and the size of the trucks among other things. The reason these regulations exist is because, when a truck accident takes place, the devastation is often more than that of a car accident. The weight and size of the truck makes it a formidable object and the injuries and damage sustained in a truck accident are often more severe than those sustained in a car crash.

This was demonstrated when a truck accident involving two tractor-trailers took place in Missouri recently. Not only were the two trucks damaged, debris from the accident flew and damaged another vehicle. One person was seriously injured and the highway was closed for a number of hours.

Hold nursing home accountable if you see signs of abuse

Missouri residents look to nursing homes to provide a high standard of care for their loved ones and to handle family members with compassion, competence and care. We expect there to be adequate staff to ensure patient's health and safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the instances of nursing home abuse and neglect are on the rise, which has the ability to not only devastate the patient but also their family members.

Nursing home negligence can cover many aspects, from bedsores and malnutrition to physical and mental illnesses. As mentioned previously on this blog, there are certain signs one can look for to determine if a loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence, such as sudden loss of appetite, injuries or isolation. When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to expertly investigate these claims of abuse.

Why using a designated driver is not a foolproof plan

Maybe you and a group of your friends tend to assign a designated driver every time you go out. While everyone else drinks alcohol, this person drinks water, soda, lemonade, you name it. The aim of this plan is to keep everyone safe, and the idea is noble.

However, using a designated driver or serving as one can backfire. In fact, a designated driver may be only slightly less drunk than everyone else in a group.

What are some signs of mental abuse in a nursing home?

There comes a time in a Missouri resident's life when they can no longer take care of themselves and cannot rely on family members to do so either. It may be because of old age or cognitive or physical ailments-whatever factors led to the decision for a family member to enter a nursing home, it is not an easy one to make. Many people conduct their research and visit many nursing homes before they find one that they believe will cater to their elderly family member's needs.

Unfortunately, the cases of elder abuse are on the rise across the country-according to the American Public Health Association there are 2.5 million victims annually, of which emotional abuse accounted for around 435,000 cases. While physical abuse seems common and is visible to the eye, emotional abuse may be even more common and difficult to identify. Perpetrated by volunteers, caregivers or individuals employed at the nursing home facility, most of the victims of elder emotional abuse are female.

What happens if I slip and fall at someone's house?

When Missouri residents step into stores to go about completing their shopping, or they go to an office to meet someone, they expect that the premises they have stepped into are safe. This is also true when they go into another person's home. This expectation of safety applies not only to commercial areas, but also to homes -- when someone comes into your home, they assume that it is reasonably safe and the property owner or the non-owner resident is responsible for ensuring the environment remains relatively safe. If someone slips and falls at someone else's premises, the property owner or non-owner resident might be held accountable under the theory of premises liability, but it depends on the status of the person who was injured.

Under premises liability, the residents and owners are held liable for any injuries and accidents that take place on their property. But in most states, it matters who it is that got injured as not everyone may be able to make claims under this theory.

How dangerous are boating accidents?

The weather is warming, spring is upon us, and more and more Americans will be outdoors enjoying their favorite recreational activity. Some like to hike or bike, others are active in recreational sports, others hit the roads in their motorcycles and others still hit to the waters for some boating activities.

Whether you are on the Mighty Mississippi, the Missouri River, or one of the countless nearby lakes, one must continue to pay attention as accidents can occur, often leading to serious injuries or even death.

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