St. Peters Probation Violation Lawyers

If you are charged with a crime or violation while you are on probation, you run the risk of your probation being revoked, which is not a good thing. Generally, you will have to go back to court for a probation violation hearing where a judge will decide your case. Whether you were charged with a DWI, an assault or another offense, it is important to have proper defense representation at that hearing.

Guidance And Representation In Probation Violations Cases

At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, our defense attorneys have extensive experience with a wide range of criminal matters, and with the probation system. We help clients minimize the effects of probation violations, including probation violations that involve the threat of incarceration.

We can advise and represent you if your case involves:

  • A felony or misdemeanor charge
  • A subsequent drunk driving charge, including felony DWI
  • Domestic assault or abuse
  • A drug offense involving marijuana, cocaine or another controlled substance
  • An upcoming probation violation hearing
  • A serious civil violation such as a traffic matter or unpaid child support

If you or a loved one is concerned about a probation matter, our attorneys can answer your questions and help you understand your options for resolving the problem.

Probation Revocation Attorneys Serving Saint Charles | Free Consultation

Trial lawyers with The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, represent clients in criminal matters of all kinds. If you are seeking an experienced probation violation in the St. Peters, MO, area, contact us for a free case consultation.