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Distracted driver crashes put roadside workers in danger

Drivers who are on the road in Missouri and are trying to get to their destination want to do so as quickly and smoothly as possible. Frequently, they are in a rush and trying to multitask. That can include using a smartphone for various reasons. This can lead to being a distracted driver and putting others in danger. While this endangers other drivers and pedestrians, it also risks the lives of roadside workers. Given the number of crashes involving roadside workers and that they are happening more often, this is a concern that must be addressed.

Drivers are being told by the Missouri Department of Transportation that they should watch the road and avoid distractions. This is after there were two crashes in which vehicles ran into roadside trucks because of distracted drivers.

Auto accident between car and tow truck kills woman

When sharing the road with the litany of different vehicles in Missouri, drivers of conventional vehicles must be aware and cautious. This is especially important when the other vehicles are large and traveling at significant speed. There is an unsaid amount of trust drivers will have in one another amid the hope that the large vehicles will be safe and their loads will be secure. In some instances, drivers of the larger vehicles will behave recklessly, negligently, be under the influence or commit other violations and there will be an auto accident. Those who have been injured or have lost a loved one in this type of crash should consider the future and whether a legal filing is needed to receive compensation.

A crash between a vehicle and a tow truck's load led to a female passenger's death. The accident happened in the mid-morning shortly after 10 a.m. The tow truck was carting a load when the collision occurred with the car, a Chevrolet Malibu, heading in the opposite direction. The woman who died was 78. According to law enforcement, the 27-year-old driver of the tow truck was driving at excessive speed. This resulted in the load swinging into the path of the vehicle. It was run off the road and ended up in a ditch. The woman was declared dead at the hospital. The driver, a 78-year-old man, had injuries that were said to be moderate.

With auto accident back and neck injuries, legal help is key

There are many negative outcomes from a Missouri car accident and people will often just be happy to have survived the experience. However, when they get beyond that sense of relief, they will frequently have personal injury that can negatively impact their lives for an extended period, if not forever. Back and neck injuries are some of the most difficult to deal with because they can hinder the victim in myriad ways. Immediately after this happens, it is imperative to have legal assistance to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

The neck and the back are integral to daily functioning. Any injury can harm a person and prevent them from living a normal life even after they have received medical treatment. The aftermath can include a worst-case scenario of paralysis, but there are many aftereffects of a neck and back injuries in a crash. If there is nerve damage or soft tissue injuries, it can be hard to diagnose, making an insurance company question how much should be paid, if anything. Since these injuries can vary so greatly, having extensive advice and help from the start is key.

Auto accident risks exacerbated by holiday recklessness

The Missouri roads can be dangerous at any time of year, but research shows that the holidays are significantly riskier to drivers and anyone on the road. While this might initially be perceived to be due to drivers who are under the influence when returning from celebrations, it is somewhat different when the evidence is assessed. Drivers tend to show greater aggressiveness when driving at holiday time. This places people in jeopardy of injuries and death in an auto accident. Understanding the scope of this problem and how harmful it can be can help to avoid an accident. After there has already been a crash, this could be a factor for the car accident victim to seek compensation in a legal filing.

The app company GasBuddy found that drivers' aggressiveness increases by 200 percent during the holidays. This has sparked the Traffic Management Center in Missouri and other areas to be ready for it by taking steps to make the roads safer. One engineer referenced personal experience in how aggressiveness puts others in danger. The prevalence of people rushing back and forth at holiday time can cause crashes for no reason other than drivers are pushing the limits.

Auto accident kills mother working extra hours as nurse

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration and happiness with people spending time with family and friends. However, auto accidents can happen at any time in Missouri and lead to injuries and fatalities. During the holidays and the winter months, accidents are more prone to happen, as there are a greater number of people on the road and the weather is not conducive to safe driving. For people who have been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, having legal help is essential to receiving compensation.

A two-vehicle crash claimed the life of a 31-year-old woman who was taking extra shifts at her job as a nurse to support her two kids. According to the investigation, a man driving a pickup crashed into the woman's sedan. The man and a passenger in his vehicle were taken to the hospital and were not seriously hurt. It is not known what led to the pickup hitting the sedan and the investigation is continuing.

Holidays and distracted driver behaviors risky

Missourians are often in a rush during the holidays with work, family concerns and preparations for the upcoming celebrations. This will lead to the inevitable attempt at multitasking. By itself, distracted driving is dangerous, but when it is combined with the holiday rush, it can lead to car accidents. Researchers are constantly trying to gauge the risk of distracted driving; information about this has recently been released and drivers should take note.

TrueMotion has a series of driving apps that measure how often people use their cellphones for various activities. It says that there is a rise in distracted driving during the holidays by one-third. According to the National Safety Council, the pre-Thanksgiving estimates stated there would be more than 400 fatalities and more than 49,000 serious injuries in auto accidents. The statistics for the recently passed holiday are not yet known. In 2015, there were 273 deaths on Christmas and 355 deaths on New Year's Day. The statistics cited by TrueMotion is not guesswork, but based on the 3,000 people who downloaded the app for a recent survey.

A new study shows Missouri has a severe drug problem

It may not be surprising to learn many residents of Missouri use and abuse drugs, but you may not know the severity of the issue. According to a new study, Missouri has the second highest drug-use rate, with the District of Columbia being number one. There is a dramatic difference in drug usage between Missouri and neighboring states. For example, Kansas ranks forty-eight out of fifty-one. 

The study also finds that Missouri ranks fourth in terms of drug arrests per capita. Here are some of the most common illicit substances in the state.

Auto accident study shows danger in school zones

Safety is a paramount concern in Missouri and across the nation. This is especially true in locations near schools. When drivers behave recklessly, an auto accident can occur that causes severe injuries and death. An important part of understanding the way in which drivers put others in jeopardy is through research. Keeping track of new studies regarding these issues can be important, especially after there has been a crash. One new study shows the inherent dangers in school zones.

According to the analytics company Zendrive, more than 60 percent of schools had no improvement in safety from 2017 to 2018. In slightly more than 30 percent of school zones, driver behaviors worsened. In less than 10 percent of school zones, those behaviors improved. In the research, there were more than 71,000 elementary schools, 40,000 middle and high schools, and 14,000 mixed-grade schools assessed. These encompassed 90 percent of the schools across the nation. Data of driver behaviors was then analyzed, including driving at excessive speeds, using phones while driving, accelerating aggressively and braking hard. More than nine million drivers and 10.5 billion miles were part of this data.

How is lost earning capacity determined?

Individuals who are injured by the negligence of another often have to face significant losses. They may experience physical pain and suffering, as well as emotional turmoil. Yet, for many of these victims, the financial losses they incur are the most staggering. These damages can include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages.While medical expenses and lost wages may be relatively easy to calculate, lost earning capacity is a bit trickier. After all, calculating this figure requires a certain amount of speculation. Who is to say whether an individual would have been promoted or gotten a raise or even acquired a new profession with a higher salary? This is why a court and jury consider a number of factors when awarding damages for lost earning capacity.Many of these factors are common sense. For example, an individual's age, education, and profession can have a significant bearing on the trajectory of their income over time. Other factors that are taken into consideration by the jury include: an individual's talents, skills, and training. A jury may also consider the individual's earnings at the time they were injured, as well as how much they earned on average in the years leading up to the accident in question. Because there is a lot of speculation with regard to lost earning capacity, the matter is ripe for a multitude of legal arguments. This is one reason why it is often important for victims of car accidents to work closely with an attorney. A skilled attorney will not only know how to adequately present a victim's losses, but they will also know how to build a strong case. Therefore, those who have been injured by the negligence of another should consider discussing their unique set of facts with a qualified personal injury attorney they trust.

Thanksgiving week a danger for motor vehicle accidents

The holidays in Missouri are an enjoyable time in which people will be with family and friends. The kickoff of the holiday season is generally considered to be Thanksgiving. While the images of large feasts and time off from work are positive, there are negatives that must be considered. The dangers on the road are a concern for everyone and it is important to think about them, prepare for them, and know what to do if a person or a family member is involved in an auto accident.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to be patient, cautious and smart behind the wheel during Thanksgiving week and throughout the holiday season. There are three main worries when people are on the road during this time: encountering a distracted driver, a drunk driver, and the number of people who are on the road. This is especially worrisome on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Alternatively called "Blackout Wednesday," people are prone to using their day off to drink and party. This can lead to dangers on the road.

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