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July 2013 Archives

Missouri car accidents can cause serious pedestrian accidents

The term chain-reaction crash is used frequently to describe multi-vehicle accidents. However, these types of car accidents can also involve pedestrians who are traveling down the road or have gotten out of their vehicle to assist other motorists. When such a chain-reaction crash occurs on a Missouri street, the risk to motorists and pedestrians can be severe.

Car accidents can impact Missouri police officers

Car accidents contribute to many injuries and even deaths in Missouri each year. Although some accidents may be unavoidable, at times a negligent driver is to blame and could face charges. Recently, a story involving a police officer outlined how dangerous car accidents can be.

Missouri truck accidents: Truck drivers at risk too

When many Missouri readers hear that a tractor-trailer has been involved in an accident, they may instinctively draw the conclusion that the driver of the tractor-trailer was negligent or being too aggressive toward other drivers. Unfortunately, truck accidents can be caused by other drivers as well, and can result in injuries to the truck driver. One recent such accident on U.S. Route 36 illustrates just how unfortunate these accidents can be, no matter who is at fault.

Woman injured in latest of series of pedestrian accidents

One woman is dead and another moderately injured after an accident in Bridgeton on July 5. Reports indicate this most recent of the year's pedestrian accidents here in Missouri was likely due to a medical condition on the part of the driver. An investigation is ongoing.

Chances of Missouri car accidents increase with distractions

When a vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, any driver and passengers can become frustrated. If the problem is an easy fix, such as simply running out of gas, hopes of getting back on the road quickly can be high. However, when working on the side of the road, other drivers continuing their travels can pose a potential danger to those outside their vehicle. If another driver is distracted or possibly under the influence, the potential for car accidents significantly increases and can have tragic results.

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