A driver not paying attention for even the smallest amount of time can cause a car accident. Attention needs to be paid by every driver in order to keep both pedestrians and other drivers safe. Fatal car accidents happen far too often due to negligence — and they need to stop. A recent car accident in Missouri left one person dead and injured six.

Reports of the accident claim that a 34-year-old woman was driving an SUV on Route W when she crossed the center line and smashed into a vehicle head-on. The driver of this vehicle was a 73-year-old man. At that point, the female driver apparently went on to hit another car with a 27-year-old female driver and then another being operated by a 34-year-old, also female.

The man the driver hit first tragically lost his life in this car accident. The coroner said he died at the scene. All of the victims, as well as a 3-year-old toddler, were taken to the hospital by airlift. The rest of the victims were very lucky to have survived this car accident that had the highway shut down for hours.

Fatal car accidents, like this one in Missouri, can all-too-often be prevented. Paying attention goes a long way. A 73-year-old man was suddenly taken away from his family, due to the potential negligence of another. His family, as well as the other victims, retain the right to file a claim against the driver in order to receive restitution after this horrific car accident. The restitution could help the families with unexpected medical expenses or to help lift the burden of paying for an unexpected funeral.

Source: KSPR, Four-vehicle crash near Butterfield kills 1, injures 6, Chris Brewer, Oct. 24, 2013