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Missouri bicycle accidents: Rider critical after hit by cab

A number of cities in Missouri and throughout the country have made efforts to increase the health and well being of their citizens by encouraging outdoor activities. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of participating in these exercises may lead to an increase in the number of bicycle accidents. One such accident has left a rider with critical injuries.

Missouri fatal car accidents can lead to extensive jail time

Drivers in Missouri face serious disadvantages on the road everyday. No matter how safe a person drives, if there is someone driving negligently or impaired, car accidents can happen -- turning innocent people into victims. When people cause car accidents, and are found at fault, they can end up in a court room facing hefty fines and extensive jail times. This has just been the case for a man who is to show up in court soon for the death of two of his friends.

Bicycle accidents under investigation: questions unanswered

Cities that are very saturated with pedestrians and bikers make accidents a more likely occurrence. Many pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Missouri are hit-and-run incidents. Head trauma, brain trauma, neck and bike injuries can be life-changing, and medical costs can be staggering. Recently, a Columbia pedestrian was in a bicycle accident that cost him his life.

One of many motor vehicle accidents in Missouri claims 2 lives

Fifty Missouri children on a bus were left badly shaken but with no serious injuries after a minivan crashed into it. Motor vehicle accidents can happen in an instant. This one occurred as the bus was making a right turn. A minivan, driven by a 34-year-old man with a 20-year-old passenger, crashed into the rear of the bus. The force was such that both vehicles were sent off the road.

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