A number of cities in Missouri and throughout the country have made efforts to increase the health and well being of their citizens by encouraging outdoor activities. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of participating in these exercises may lead to an increase in the number of bicycle accidents. One such accident has left a rider with critical injuries.

The rider was hurt when his bicycle was struck down by a taxi cab. The collision occurred on a recent weeknight at what has been described by residents and business owners as a dangerous intersection. The nature of the rider’s injuries was not detailed.

The taxi driver did not appear to have run through a stop signal. However, video from the scene seems to show the driver accelerating to get through a caution light. People familiar with the intersection have stated that accidents are frequent there. Cameras have recorded numerous violations at that same location. Police have not stated whether any charges are going to be filed against either party.

For the time being, this rider is struggling to survive his serious injuries. Even though the taxi driver may not have violated any traffic laws, the bicyclist may elect to pursue a personal injury claim in a Missouri civil court. Vehicle versus bicycle accidents seldom have a good outcome for the bicyclist. If it can be proved that his actions were negligent in a manner that caused or substantially contributed to the serious collision, the bicyclist may be entitled to financial relief for damages sustained as a result of the collision. Vehicle versus bicycle accidents seldom have a good outcome for the bicyclist.

Source: kshb.com, Taxi driver hits cyclist intersection at 39th and Southwest Trafficway, Jenna Hanchard, Nov. 13, 2013