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Personal injury claims may be in the works for Missouri resident

Failure to properly pay attention while driving can result in bad situations. Watching out for other vehicles on the road is a must to ensure a safe traveling experience. A recent accident in Missouri caused personal injury to three people involved. Two of those people were county officers.

Missouri school bus crash causes personal injury

A series of school bus and city bus accidents have been occurring across the country. Unfortunately, what many would consider to be a safe ride has become a danger far too often. It's the duty for school bus drivers to exercise caution when driving, especially during certain weather conditions. A Missouri school bus crash took place recently, causing personal injury to several people.

Car accidents: 2 dead in wrong-way wreck

A wrong-way wreck involving two vehicles left two people dead and another person injured. Car accidents involving head-on collisions are extremely dangerous and are oftentimes fatal. Tragically, this fact was made all too real for the lone survivor in a wrong-way car accident in Missouri.

Truck accidents: 3 injured in Missouri

When you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can have devastating consequences. Truck accidents can be particularly harmful. They are a dangerous possibility that can result in damage to vehicles or injury to those unlucky enough to be involved. Recently, one family in Missouri is grappling with such trauma after their car was struck head-on by a dump truck.

Bicycle accidents: Missouri Woman fleeing from 'ex' kills rider

Missouri police have tracked down a woman whose vehicle allegedly struck and killed a bike rider on a recent Sunday. Bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles frequently have a bad outcome for the riders involved. In this particular collision, the man was killed on impact with the car.

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