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Driver and 3 passengers suffer personal injury in Missouri crash

Missouri motorists may realize the severe consequences that may result from a moment’s distraction while driving. Single vehicle car accidents are often reported as incidents of drivers unintentionally moving off the roadway, and then crashing after over correction. Such accidents can turn an outing into a tragedy in a split second, often resulting in personal injury or even death.

Missouri car accidents: Man killed, dog injured in Greene County

The recent death of a Missouri man in a fatal accident underscores the importance of keeping a safe following distance when driving. A moment's distraction can cause an inattentive driver to smash into the back of another vehicle. Rear-end car accidents often lead to severe injuries that may impair an individual's ability to return to work or even result in death.

Disabled man one more victim of pedestrian accidents in Missouri

Not many hit-and-run accident victims are fortunate enough to survive. Was it not for the concern of a passerby, a disabled Missouri man may not have lived to tell his story. In one of too many pedestrian accidents, a hit-and-run victim was left for dead on the side of the road.

Injured passengers may bring personal injury claim against driver

Missouri residents may not realize the potential repercussions of negligent driving while carrying passengers in their vehicles. The media regularly describe accidents involving groups of people -- often between the ages 16 and 25 -- resulting in severe personal injury or even death. The fun of one night out may prove to have dire consequences.

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