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1 Child suffers personal injury, 3 family members die in accident

Many Missouri people may not even begin to understand the devastation that relatives must experience when they receive news that an accident took the lives of three family members, leaving only one survivor. Apart from having to face funeral and burial costs of several relatives, there remains the fate of the one surviving child to consider. A family from another state was recently involved in a tragic accident that occurred in Camden County, which left only one child alive who suffered personal injury.

Drivers crossing over center line the cause of many car accidents

There is a growing concern about the number of vehicle accidents that occur on Missouri roads as the result of drivers who cross over the center line into the lanes of oncoming traffic. Every accident is different, and it is often difficult for investigators to determine the reason a driver crossed the median. Driver distraction may be the cause of many such car accidents, while drowsiness or intoxication is sometimes blamed.

Missouri police pursuit ends in 2 car accidents and injuries to 1

When drivers choose to pay no heed to attempts by authorities to pull them off the road, they put their own lives in jeopardy, along with the lives of other road users. High-speed chases in Missouri often result in multiple car accidents with severe injuries and even fatalities. Law enforcement officers in Boone County were recently involved in a short-distance chase that took only minutes but sent one person to the hospital.

1 dead, others injured in car accidents during inclement weather

Driving on Missouri roads during inclement weather could be hazardous and may lead to situations that will test the driving skills of any driver. Many car accidents that occur in adverse weather conditions result in severe or fatal injuries. While the law considers weather conditions in lawsuits resulting from car accidents, every driver is expected to be able to adapt their driving to current conditions.

Truck accidents may be the cause of many deaths on Missouri roads

With the increased amount of traffic on Missouri highways, road users need to be extra vigilant when driving. Because of the size and weight of large trucks, extra care may help to avoid involvement in truck accidents. Large trucks often have difficulty maneuvering in restricted areas, and motorists may not always be able to anticipate their movements. Coming upon a large stationary truck unexpectedly could result in severe injuries, or even death.

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