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Car accident injuries send 3 to hospital after blazing crash

Rear-end accidents appear to be very common and can result in severe injuries. Missouri readers may be interested to learn that, in addition to whiplash and other back and neck injuries, a rear-end accident could also cause a car to burst into flames. Officials in Lake Ozark reported on a recent accident where three people were hospitalized after suffering car accident injuries when a car was on fire.

Personal injury to mother and child in alleged DWI car accident

Drivers in Missouri who choose to operate their vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol may not always consider the consequences of their actions. Regardless of the legal implications of DWI, car accidents could cause havoc in the lives of other road users and their families. A 24-year-old man was recently arrested after allegedly causing an accident that resulted in severe personal injury to a young mother.

Several car accidents caused on I-44 by alleged wrong-way driver

Despite the numerous efforts by police agencies around the country to avoid motorists entering highways in the wrong direction, a percentage of injuries and fatalities on Missouri roads are the results of wrong-way driving. Drivers who fail to observe road signs correctly may jeopardize their own safety, along with the safety of other road users. In one of the many wrong-way car accidents that occur on Missouri roads, a man recently lost his life and caused multiple injuries to others.

1 dead from car accident injuries allegedly caused by hill jumper

Many teens have possibly died -- or caused the deaths of others -- while seeking the cheap and deadly thrill of hill jumping. The higher the rate of speed, the more potential of the car going airborne. However, many things can go wrong while the car is in the air, and one never knows what awaits you on the other side of the hill. An 18-year-old Missouri man allegedly caused the recent death of an unsuspecting motorist and car accident injuries to another.

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