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Information needed for claiming after hit and run car accidents

Whenever drivers are involved in car accidents, the law typically requires them to stop and provide contact information -- regardless of whether it is a pedestrian, another car or property that was struck. When a driver deliberately leaves an accident scene, it is regarded as a hit and run accident. Missouri residents will likely know that expenses following personal injury or property damage could add up to sizeable amounts, and pursuing recovery of damages following hit and run car accidents may prove to be complicated.

Fatal pedestrian accidents -- teen death blamed on street racing

Many Missouri residents may share the concerns of others about motorists taking part in street racing. Not only do these drivers endanger their own lives, but also the lives of other road users. Serious pedestrian accidents are often the result. The parents of a 15-year-old sophomore have to cope with the untimely death of their son after he was the victim of a pedestrian accident that allegedly resulted from a street racing incident.

Truck accident claims against large companies may be intimidating

Missouri victims of truck accidents may have suffered severe injuries. Their physical condition, along with the anticipation of taking on large trucking companies and insurance companies, may deter them from filing a civil claim. However, if the accident that caused your injuries resulted from the negligence of a truck driver -- or any party connected to the driver -- you have the right to pursue recovery of damages incurred. Victims should not feel intimidated, as the help of professional advisors is available to handle truck accident claims on their behalf.

What should people not do after being involved in car accidents?

Being involved in a car accident is naturally a shocking experience, and the occupants of a wrecked car may not be able to think clearly immediately after the accident. While most Missouri motorists may have been drilled about what to do in the event of car accidents, they may not be aware of what they should not do. There are certain things people do after such a shocking experience that may not only be detrimental to their own safety, but also to any financial claim they may want to pursue at a later stage.

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