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October 2014 Archives

Father runs campaign to reduce distracted driving car accidents

Following up on our blog post about distracted driving on Oct 24 ("How will you prove distracted driving caused your personal injury"), a grieving father is trying to create awareness of distracted driving after the death of his daughter. She was one of three students of a Missouri High School who lost their lives in car accidents during the past six months. His concern shares that of many others about the high numbers of teenagers dying on our roads.

How will you prove distracted driving caused your personal injury

Mobile devices form an important part of the life of most Missouri residents. Unfortunately, not all drivers recognize the dangers of operating such devices while driving a vehicle. Despite campaigns to create awareness of the possible consequences, some drivers continue to make and receive calls while driving, along with texting and accessing social media. A car accident causing personal injury or worse could happen in a split second, when the driver's attention is on a mobile device rather that the road.

Fatal car accidents can devastate surviving family members

A year after a 30-year-old Missouri woman died an untimely death, her family may finally be able to see justice done. A district court recently found sufficient evidence to warrant the trial of the 32-year-old man who allegedly caused her death. It is not uncommon for criminal investigations into fatal car accidents to take considerable periods of time to complete.

Dangerous road known for car accidents claims father and baby

Missouri residents may sympathize with a mother who recently lost both her husband and their baby in a car accident. The accident occurred on a dangerous stretch of Highway 47 where hills and curves and absent shoulders have reportedly seen many car accidents. The surviving mother is urging authorities to bring about changes to improve the safety of this road.

One of many Missouri car accidents kills mother in parking lot

A 10-year-old girl from Missouri will live with the knowledge that she is alive because her mother gave her life in order to save the life of her daughter. The Metropolitan Police Department in St. Louis reported a recent call-out to a tragic auto-pedestrian accident in the parking area of a Walgreens store. Fatal car accidents in parking lots are not common occurrences, as motorists normally do not travel at a high rate of speed under those circumstances.

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