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Fatal car accidents: Alleged DUI driver arrested at the hospital

In one of the many fatal car accidents that have been reported during the holidays in Missouri, a 41-year-old woman lost her life. Despite campaigns to warn motorists about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol, many drivers choose to take to the roads while they are impaired. Devastating car accidents may result. In some cases, authorities have found that drivers impaired by alcohol were also suspected of drug use.

Missouri driver charged after personal injury to 4 passengers

When Missouri drivers take to the road, they are expected to drive in a responsible manner. They also have to obey traffic signs along the road. If a driver is negligent or reckless and causes a car accident that result in passengers suffering personal injury or worse, the driver may be held financially responsible for the financial damages of his or her passengers and others.

Car accidents: Missouri boy killed by alleged hit-and-run driver

The loss of a child to a car accident is dreadful and will likely leave parents with a desire to see justice done. Not only will parents who have lost children to car accidents have many unanswered questions, but they will also likely face financial burdens caused by unexpected end-of-life expenses. Missouri parents now have to adjust to life without their son after he was recently killed by an alleged hit-and-run driver.

Missouri car accidents: Hit-and-run witnessed by several people

Failure to stop after being involved in an accident in Missouri can have severe repercussions. While it often requires thorough investigation to locate hit-and-run drivers after car accidents, information from eyewitnesses may make the task of law enforcers much easier. One such incident recently took place in Kansas City.

You may need help with injury claims after motorcycle accidents

Those riding in an enclosed vehicle in Missouri typically have the protection of the vehicle itself and the restraining power of safety belts to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a collision. In contrast, motorcycle riders have only their helmets to protect their heads and nothing to prevent ejection. If the size and weight of a motor vehicle or truck is compared to that of a motorcycle, it is clear to see why the consequences of motorcycle accidents where other vehicles are involved are often devastating.

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