Crossing the center median on a highway can have devastating consequences. Investigating such an accident is never an easy task, as it is often difficult to determine the reason for a driver having crossed onto the opposite side. Such an investigation is underway after the drivers of two vehicles recently suffered car accident injuries on a Missouri highway. Clearing up operations apparently caused a road closure that lasted for several hours.

Initial reports from the Missouri State Highway Patrol stated that a 40-year-old driver was westbound on Highway C in the late afternoon of a recent Friday. For reasons not yet known, he apparently crossed into the lanes of eastbound traffic. The driver of a sedan in the eastbound lanes was unable to avoid the head-on collision that followed.

The sedan driver was apparently not wearing a safety belt and was ejected from the vehicle. He reportedly suffered critical injuries and was airlifted to the hospital. A hospital spokesperson said the man remained in critical condition in ICU. The westbound driver, who police say was restrained, was transported to a local hospital by ambulance. He was then transferred to another facility but has reportedly been released.

Although it has not yet been determined why the driver crossed the center line, the injured victim is free to pursue compensation for medical expenses and property damage. By gathering sufficient evidence of negligence that may have caused the car accident injuries, a claim can be prepared to be filed in a Missouri civil court. If a personal injury claim is successfully presented, the court may award a monetary judgment in compensation for medical and other documented losses as allowed by the state laws.

Source:, “Two injured in Friday accident east of Gerald”, Linda Trest, Jan. 28, 2015