Understandably, head-on collisions are terrifying experiences. The trauma of such an accident can cause emotional harm even if no severe personal injury is suffered. The occupants of two vehicles that recently crashed head-on on a Missouri road were fortunate when none of them suffered life-threatening injuries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a 16-year-old girl was recently northbound on a local roadway in Jefferson County. An 8-year-old child and a 42-year-old woman were passengers in the car. A 20-year-old pickup truck driver apparently crossed from the southbound lanes into the northbound lanes and smashed head-on into the car.

The driver and the other woman in the car suffered minor injuries, but the child was hospitalized with moderate injuries. The pickup truck driver also suffered moderate injuries. Both vehicles were apparently damaged beyond repair. Police reported that the two people who suffered minor injuries were the only ones wearing their safety belts. The media report made no mention of any criminal charges filed at the time, but they may follow an accident investigation.

While the victims of this accident were lucky to have suffered non-life threatening injuries, such accidents often cause spinal and/or brain injuries, or worse. The financial repercussions can be crippling due medical expenses and, for some, lost income. If the initial evidence suggests negligence on the part of other parties, accident victims may pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims in a Missouri civil court. When the victim is a child, a parent typically files suit on the child’s behalf. Compensation for medical expenses may be awarded, and if properly documented, a judge may also award compensation for other financial losses consistent with applicable laws.

Source: myleaderpaper.com, “Two women, child, teen hurt in two-vehicle accident on Saline Road in the Fenton area“, Kim Robertson, April 21, 2015