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September 2015 Archives

Car accidents: Passenger dies in multi-vehicle Missouri crash

Traveling as a passenger in another person's car can be risky. If the driver fails to drive in a responsible manner, his or her life and the lives of passengers may be put on the line. Many Missouri families have had to cope with the unexpected deaths of loved ones who were passengers of incompetent or distracted drivers who caused fatal car accidents.

Unobservant drivers sometimes cause serious motorcycle accidents

Missouri motorcyclists are exposed to many dangers on the road. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are caused by vehicle operators that fail to keep a proper lookout for these smaller vehicles. Based upon the preliminary information reported, it appears that a recent Monday afternoon accident was caused by such circumstances.

Truck accidents: 2 injured in wreck involving 4 semi trucks

Accidents between trucks and cars can be devastating, but because truck drivers have the protection of the strong cabs, they often escape serious injury. However, when two or more commercial trucks collide, the sheer size and impact can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. One passerby recently described a Missouri wreck on Interstate 44 as one of the worst truck accidents he had ever seen.

Car accidents: 2 Teenagers injured when car goes airborne

Missouri roads have their fair share of vehicle accidents, and many of the crashes involve teenage drivers. Unfortunately, the level of experience a 16-year-old driver has does not equip him or her with the ability always to anticipate potential dangers. Drivers are responsible for the safety of their passengers, and in many cases, these young drivers are accompanied by teenage passengers who may suffer injuries or worse in car accidents

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