Missouri drivers who fail to obey the basic rules of the road can cause automobile accidents with severe consequences. In addition to the possibility of suffering personal injuries or worse in the event of car accidents, drivers can be held accountable for any personal injuries suffered by occupants of other vehicles. A Holts Summit man may have to face a personal injury claim after an accident in which a passenger in another vehicle was injured.

It was reported that the crash occurred during rush hour on a recent Friday morning on U.S. 50 in Jefferson City. Reportedly, two SUVs were stationary in the eastbound left-turn lane when a 22-year-old driver of a westbound minivan disregarded the red light at the intersection. His vehicle traveled across the median and sideswiped one SUV before smashing head-on into the second one. The impact caused the second SUV to be pushed into the front of the car behind it.

The driver who lost control of his vehicle and a 16-year-old passenger in the SUV that was struck head-on were transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries. None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. However, many accident victims can suffer lingering effects from sustained injuries and require future medical services.

In many cases, lives are changed forever if life-altering injuries are suffered or loved ones are lost. Missouri victims of serious car accidents are entitled to pursue financial relief to assist with medical and other losses. Personal injury or wrongful death claims can be filed in a civil court, and once negligence is established, the court may enter a monetary judgment against the party deemed responsible. Documented claims for financial and emotional losses will be considered.

Source: newstribune.com, “Multi-vehicle crash injures 3 at U.S. 50 and Missouri Blvd.”, March 11, 2016