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April 2016 Archives

Fatal car accident injuries cause deaths of 2 Bethany women

Lives are lost on Missouri roads almost every day. Two women from Bethany suffered fatal car accident injuries in a wreck on a recent Saturday morning. Reportedly, the tragedy occurred on U.S. Highway 36 in the vicinity of Stewartsville. The Stewartsville Fire Department, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated the accident.

Passenger suffers personal injury in Hwy 110 auto accident

It is not uncommon for passengers to suffer serious injuries in crashes on Missouri roads. Unfortunately, not all drivers recognize their responsibility to protect the safety of their passengers. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that such a car accident caused personal injury to a passenger on a recent Monday afternoon.

Pedestrian accidents: Family struck by alleged drugged driver

Biking, jogging or just taking a walk with one's family should not be a life-threatening experience. Missouri laws require drivers to keep a lookout for pedestrians, yield to them in crosswalks and obey speed limits, traffic lights and other rules of the road. When vehicle operators fail to take due care, pedestrian accidents with devastating consequences can result.

Motorcycle accidents: 23-year-old killed in crash with Jeep

When a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcyclist is typically more likely to die than the driver or passengers of a car. Without the protection of the body of the car and a seat belt to prevent ejection, bike riders often suffer catastrophic injuries -- or worse -- in motorcycle accidents. Missouri police reported a fatal bike crash that occurred near a busy Columbia intersection on a recent Monday afternoon.

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