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June 2016 Archives

Car accidents: Why is the right of way law so confusing?

In every state, including Missouri, right of way laws exist. It is said that no other traffic law is as misunderstood as this one, which describes when a driver must yield to another vehicle. Indeed, many car accidents are blamed on one party's failure to yield. Although the laws do not actually state who has the right of way, they do specify who must yield. A driver required to yield in specific circumstances must allow the other driver to proceed first in a traffic situation.

Many teenagers die in car accidents involving alcohol

The feeling of empowerment when teenagers reach the age at which they are allowed to drive is indescribable. Unfortunately, temptations to drink and drive are endless and often lead to car accidents with fatalities and/or severe injuries. Being aware of the laws in Missouri related to drunk driving may help drivers make smart choices and avoid legal problems.

Fatal car accidents: Hit-and-run Missouri driver arrested

A family in another state was left with many unanswered questions after the death of a loved one on Missouri Highway 30 in April. This was one of many car accidents in which the driver who caused the death of another person simply drove off without stopping to check on the injured victims. However, this time, the driver deemed responsible did not get away with it.

Pedestrian accidents: Alleged drunk ATV driver kills pedestrian

Too many Missouri residents lose their lives in crashes that are caused by drunk drivers. Some of these tragedies are pedestrian accidents. A 22-year-old woman from Polo died recently after she was struck by a vehicle. The accident occurred in the northwestern area of Ray County in the late night of a recent Saturday. It involved an all-terrain vehicle.

Car accidents: Cross-over crash leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Police, rescue workers and firefighters rushed to the scene of a fatal crash on a recent Tuesday morning. This was reportedly one of the many Missouri car accidents that involved a driver crossing into the lane of oncoming traffic. The incident occurred on Mo. 15, north of Memphis.

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