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Passenger succumbs to car accident injuries 4 days after crash

Three people from a neighboring state were involved in a crash in Onondaga Cave State Park on a recent Saturday evening. According to a Missouri State Highway Patrol, the wreck occurred on Highway H in Crawford County. All three occupants suffered car accident injuries of varying severity.

Car accidents: 2 toddlers not in safety seats are killed in crash

Children in cars must always be buckled into safety seats, even on short trips. An accident can happen as soon as a driver leaves his or her driveway. Many Missouri parents have had to cope with the trauma of losing small children in car accidents because they thought all would be safe because they were only driving a short distance down the road. Unfortunately, two toddlers recently lost their lives under such circumstances.

Texting is not the only form of distracted driving

You might think of cell phones when you hear the term "distracted driving," but that's not always the case. Your state of mind factors in there too. If you've just had an argument with your spouse, or if your job is stressing you out - the overall impact of the tension you are experiencing can be distracting when you are behind the wheel.

Car accidents: Cross-over driver allegedly caused fatal crash

Shortly after midnight on a recent Saturday, a fatal crash occurred in Moniteau County. This was one of many Missouri car accidents that happen when drivers are unable to maintain their lanes of travel. Cross-over accidents are not uncommon, and determining the cause can be tricky.

Car accidents: Driver arrested after fleeing crash with injury

Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury, death or property damage is against the law in Missouri. Nevertheless, there are frequent reports of people driving -- and even running -- off after causing car accidents. An accident in which a driver was recently arrested after fleeing the scene on foot was recently reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Car accidents: 3-car crash sends 5 to a Missouri hospital

Drivers on Missouri roads who are distracted or otherwise fail to take due care can cause serious accidents. Many such car accidents occur when drivers fail to notice that traffic ahead has come to a stop or are moving slowly. Sometimes, rear-end crashes occur that result in chain accidents causing long-term injuries or worse.

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