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November 2016 Archives

Missouri car accidents: 10 fatalities over Thanksgiving holidays

The Missouri roads proved to be deadly over this holiday weekend. Authorities reported that they investigated 400 car accidents between the eve of Thanksgiving Day and midnight on Sunday, Nov. 27. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 10 people died in these crashes. Although many were single-vehicle crashes and a large number of drunk drivers were identified, one accident led to the deaths of three people and injured five more.

Car accidents: Serious crash after alleged disregard of red light

In the blink of an eye, the negligent actions of a driver on a Missouri road can cause severe and life-changing injuries to others. The victims typically sustain escalating medical bills and lost wages. Sometimes car accidents render victims unable to return to work, and that can be detrimental to the financial stability of any family. In more severe cases, negligent drivers can cause the deaths of other people's loved ones.

What to do in a road rage situation

Road rage is one of the most dangerous hazards you can encounter on the highway. With a fatality rate that has increased almost ten times over the past decade, road rage is an important factor to consider when thinking about driving safety. Some drivers take steps to prevent themselves from getting carried away, but you never know when another driver may lose his or her temper at an actual or perceived driving mistake. There are, however, some things you can do to help defuse the situation and prevent confrontation.

Car accidents: 2 passengers die when teen driver loses control

Teen drivers do not always recognize the fact that the lack of experience can prevent them from taking the appropriate action in emergencies. Teenagers in Missouri often travel in groups, and car accidents caused by them regularly end in lost lives or severe injuries. Such a tragic crash occurred on a recent Friday evening.

Car accidents: Passenger dies when driver loses control of SUV

Drivers nationwide, including in Missouri, are responsible for the safety of their passengers. However, not all drivers know that they can be held financially liable for any harm that comes to those riding in their vehicles. Many passengers die in single-vehicle car accidents in which the drivers fail to maintain control. One such crash occurred in Dent County on a recent Saturday evening.

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