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December 2016 Archives

Car accidents: Driver loses control, injures self and 3 children

The Missouri State Highway Patrol officers are typically very busy over the holidays. With increased volumes of traffic, car accidents are prevalent, and many injured victims end up in hospitals. One of the crashes that occurred in Boone County on the afternoon of Christmas Day sent four people to a hospital. Three of the victims were minors.

Fatal car accident injuries caused when truck slams into car

As long as passenger vehicles and big rigs share the same roads, occupants of cars will be at risk. When a car is in the way of an out-of-control tractor-trailer, car accident injuries can be catastrophic -- or even fatal. Such an incident recently occurred on a highway in Missouri.

Tips for avoiding distracted driving

If your mind is not on the road when you're driving, you run the risk of ignoring potential hazards and not reacting in time to avoid an accident. There are many things that can distract a driver, with cell phone use leading the list. Fortunately, drivers can cut down on the likelihood of getting distracted by taking the time for some advance planning before setting out.

One of many DUI car accidents claims life of Bixby woman

Any Missouri driver with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher is legally intoxicated. Causing car accidents when intoxicated cannot only land a driver behind bars, but it can also cause the deaths of others. One such a tragedy claimed the life of a 27-year-old Bixby woman on Nov. 4, and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers recently arrested the driver who allegedly caused her death.

Alleged cement truck driver impairment causes death of motorist

A popular Branson resident lost his life in a tragic accident on a recent Wednesday. According to an accident report, truck driver impairment allegedly led to the crash on Missouri 76. The man who died in this accident was 34 years old and worked as a server in several local restaurants.

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