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January 2017 Archives

Pedestrian accidents: Missouri man killed on his way to church

Pedestrians should not feel as if they are risking their life by simply taking a walk or run. Missouri pedestrian accidents seem to be on the rise. With that being said, drivers exercising caution and alertness when navigating the roadways are critical to avoiding these types of incidents. There are times, sadly, where drivers will hit someone and keep driving. No matter what time of the day, drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians.

Passenger dies as result of car accident injuries

A young Missouri woman died recently in an auto collision while she was riding as a passenger. The 19-year-old victim died as a result of the traumatic car accident injuries she suffered when the driver of her vehicle crossed into the path of another oncoming vehicle. The victim was declared dead by emergency medical personnel at the scene of the crash.

Missouri biker ejected from motorcycle, injured in crash

When drivers follow too close behind one another vehicle on the roadway, accidents are bound to happen. Leaving appropriate space between two vehicles while traveling is common knowledge. A Missouri biker will most always have the short end of the stick when it comes to navigating the highways and byways while a driver operating a car, SUV or other larger vehicle has the upper hand.

Who is responsible for distracted driving car accidents?

Distracted driving is a major problem in Missouri, but there is some question regarding liability when phone-related distraction causes serious auto collisions. A family recently filed a lawsuit against Apple, the multinational giant, after their daughter died in an accident caused by a driver who was using the FaceTime function on his Apple phone at the time of the crash. The lawsuit asserts that Apple should make phones that disable certain applications while driving, minimizing the chance of car accidents

Fatal pedestrian accidents in Missouri

It is quite hard to comprehend how any individual could cause a motor vehicle accident and then, without regard, just vanish from the scene. When a hit-and-run accident occurs, victims can be left with the remnants of the horrible incident and the other party is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found. Pedestrian accidents in Missouri often result from a hit and run and, at times, they are fatal.

Protecting the rights of those injured in truck accidents

When a large truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the results can be devastating. Even a low-speed impact can result in serious or fatal injuries for the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Those who are hurt in truck accidents often feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, but these Missouri accident victims have the right to seek a full physical and financial recovery.

Fatal car accidents in Missouri often result due to intoxication

In this day and age, it seems that Missouri roadways are filled with careless accidents. Unfortunately, fatal car accidents are painful scenes, and it can be hard for families to process the situation at hand. Sadly, many of these tragedies can be prevented.

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