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April 2017 Archives

What to do following an animal bite

Millions of Americans, including many from the Saint Peters, Missouri, area, welcome animals into their homes and families as pets. While a vast majority of pets are tame and loving, there are times when an animal may lash out at another person. Based on statistics from the Insurance Information Institute, in 2012 alone there were as many as 16,500 insurance claims from dog bites alone. And those figures do not include attacks from other pets such as horses, cats or reptiles.

Why trucks can be so dangerous

All too often, it seems that people take for granted the potential hazards that are on the roads when people hop in their car and head out on the streets. Many hazards are obvious - a fallen tree across the road, inclement weather such as a flooded underpass, even a deer on the road could come as a surprise to a driver and lead to an accident, but none of these things are typically on the roads, so seeing them would naturally come as a surprise.

Suspect fleeing police leads to crash, injuring two

Sometimes, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to devastating accident. Such was the case for the victim of a serious car crash that occurred at around 2:40 in the afternoon at the corner of East Grand Boulevard and Emily street in St. Louis on a recent Thursday.

Minnesota daughter films father's nursing home neglect

It happens all too often throughout the United States, including the Saint Louis, Missouri, area. A loved one enters a nursing home, and the family finds out that the elderly loved one becomes a victim of abuse or neglect. A daughter from Minneapolis, Minnesota, suspected that her 94 year old father, a World War II veteran, was not receiving the proper care after her family admitted him to the nursing home. Her father is suffering from dementia and is legally blind, and he was unable to talk about any potential neglect. She could not prove any neglect, but noticed a worsened condition of her father since entering the facility. How did she prove the neglect?

Don't navigate a medical error alone

When you enter a doctor's office, you have certain assumptions and expectations regarding the doctor's competency. You are visiting with a doctor either to address a medical concern or to have a check up to make sure that you are healthy. The last thing you would expect is that your health or well-being gets compromised.

Warmer weather means increase of motorcycles on the roads

We have set our clocks forward, the days are longer, the weather warmer and people are outdoors more often. Yes, spring is here. And with the spring months come an increase in outdoor activities for many Americans. Whether you are out in a park going for a walk, playing baseball, or hopping on your bicycle or motorcycle to hit the roads, it is important to recognize that with spring here and summer coming up before we know it, more people outside mean more risks, especially for drivers on the road.

Who are the worst drivers in America?

The kids may deny it, but the numbers do not lie. According to a recent survey by AAA, millennials, or children between the ages of 19 and 24 are considered to be among the worst drivers on the roads. The study found that as many as 88 percent of millennials admit to poor driving behavior. This could include anything from running red lights, speeding, or distracted driving such as texting while driving or adjusting the radio while driving.

Missouri dog owners may be strictly liable for dog bites

Dogs may be "man's best friend," but they are still animals and as such have the capacity to bite. A dog might bite a person if it feels threatened or scared, but sometimes a dog will bite a person even if the dog was not provoked in any way. Dog bites can inflict serious injuries, and depending on the size of the dog and the extent of the attack could even threaten a person's life.

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