Two Missouri families are mourning the loss of loved ones after a recent collision. While car accidents have become a regular occurrence on roadways, the fatalities they can cause will always be extremely difficult on families. Though nothing can bring the victims back, their families may still be able to find some closure by successfully navigating wrongful death claims against the party or parties who caused the crash.

Prior to the accident, police had set up a routine traffic stop on a local road. One driver attempted to avoid the roadblock by fleeing at a high speed. Due to his fast and erratic driving, police soon lost sight of his vehicle and did not pursue. Allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign, the driver then tried to pass a car that was turning. His vehicle collided with the other car and then struck a light pole.

A young, pregnant woman who was a passenger in the vehicle of the driver believed to be at fault was transported to a local hospital. Both she and her baby later died from their injuries. The two people in the other car were injured, and the driver also passed away at the hospital. The man allegedly responsible for the crash has been charged with two counts of murder in the second degree, felony resisting arrest and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Though criminal charges have been brought against this driver, civil charges could also be filed. The victims’ families could each file wrongful death claims and receive monetary compensation if the claims succeed. The damages granted to them could be used to pay for medical bills and funeral costs, along with other documented financial losses. Any Missouri families who have lost loved ones in car accidents could consult experienced personal injury attorneys for more information and assistance.

Source:, “Traffic stop in central Columbia ends in fatal crash, murder charges“, Lucas Geisler, April 3, 2017