We have set our clocks forward, the days are longer, the weather warmer and people are outdoors more often. Yes, spring is here. And with the spring months come an increase in outdoor activities for many Americans. Whether you are out in a park going for a walk, playing baseball, or hopping on your bicycle or motorcycle to hit the roads, it is important to recognize that with spring here and summer coming up before we know it, more people outside mean more risks, especially for drivers on the road.

For those driving on the roads, one of the most common dangers is that of motorcycles. After a cold winter where most sane motorcycle riders stay away for the season, warmer weather means that more bike riders will be sharing the roads with other motor vehicles.

While car drivers have the luxury of seat belts, air bags and the car itself acting as a shield in the event of an accident, motorcycle riders find themselves especially vulnerable. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs involving a motorcycle, the results are often serious, catastrophic, or even deadly.

For those on motorcycles, often it is the negligence of others on the road that could lead to an accident. Motorcycles are smaller to see, and are often less noticed by car drivers. Add to it the fact that car drivers may forget about sharing the roads with motorcyclists, and they might be even less inclined to pay attention.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may want to speak with a law professional to see whether you qualify for compensation. You may be entitled to money for your injuries.