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October 2017 Archives

Mail carrier suffers dog bites all over her body

While there are many different types of accidents that can cause injuries to a Missouri resident, one of the most unexpected is from a dog attack. While dogs are treated as beloved pets, that does not alter the reality that if one is mistreated, vicious or allowed to run free, there is a chance that it can bite a person. When someone receives a dog bite, it can cause serious injury and even death. The owner of the dog is responsible for its behavior and it is possible to file a lawsuit to receive compensation after being bitten and injured by a dog.

Research shows fatal car accidents on the rise once again

Because so many people are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in Missouri and across the U.S., researchers, regulatory agencies and government entities are consistently trying to find the common denominator in these crashes. Information can be the key to preventing a vast proportion of them. In the latest statistical research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was found that there was a substantial rise in the number of fatal accidents in 2016. This is a worrisome trend.

3 ways pedestrians can stay safe on Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it is time to get ready for candy and costume parties. It is a fun night, and most of the scares are harmless fun. However, there is one danger you should watch out for as a pedestrian on Halloween: car accidents. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Halloween is a deadly holiday for motorists and pedestrians

A distracted driver can stem from new vehicle safety systems

Distracted driving is an issue in Missouri and across the U.S. This is such an enduring problem that attempts to reduce its frequency have extended beyond law enforcement citation and governmental campaigns to educate people on its inherent risk. One strategy that is being undertaken is to install systems that do not require significant attention from the driver and will not divert their eyes and mental focus from the road. These systems are also referred to as "infotainment." The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study to examine them and gauge the risk with using them.

Fatal accident in Missouri claims school cross-country coach

The Missouri roads can be a dangerous place. This is not something that is frequently thought about until an accident does happen, but it is the truth. With the number of vehicles on the road and the inherent risks from driving and riding as a passenger, accidents are bound to happen. In a worst-case scenario, it will be a fatal accident. This is particularly troublesome when it is a school bus that is hit. After an accident in which a family has suffered the loss of a loved one, it might be difficult to think about the future, but they must. Part of that is considering a wrongful death lawsuit.

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