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Auto accident study shows danger in school zones

Safety is a paramount concern in Missouri and across the nation. This is especially true in locations near schools. When drivers behave recklessly, an auto accident can occur that causes severe injuries and death. An important part of understanding the way in which drivers put others in jeopardy is through research. Keeping track of new studies regarding these issues can be important, especially after there has been a crash. One new study shows the inherent dangers in school zones.

How is lost earning capacity determined?

Individuals who are injured by the negligence of another often have to face significant losses. They may experience physical pain and suffering, as well as emotional turmoil. Yet, for many of these victims, the financial losses they incur are the most staggering. These damages can include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages.While medical expenses and lost wages may be relatively easy to calculate, lost earning capacity is a bit trickier. After all, calculating this figure requires a certain amount of speculation. Who is to say whether an individual would have been promoted or gotten a raise or even acquired a new profession with a higher salary? This is why a court and jury consider a number of factors when awarding damages for lost earning capacity.Many of these factors are common sense. For example, an individual's age, education, and profession can have a significant bearing on the trajectory of their income over time. Other factors that are taken into consideration by the jury include: an individual's talents, skills, and training. A jury may also consider the individual's earnings at the time they were injured, as well as how much they earned on average in the years leading up to the accident in question. Because there is a lot of speculation with regard to lost earning capacity, the matter is ripe for a multitude of legal arguments. This is one reason why it is often important for victims of car accidents to work closely with an attorney. A skilled attorney will not only know how to adequately present a victim's losses, but they will also know how to build a strong case. Therefore, those who have been injured by the negligence of another should consider discussing their unique set of facts with a qualified personal injury attorney they trust.

Thanksgiving week a danger for motor vehicle accidents

The holidays in Missouri are an enjoyable time in which people will be with family and friends. The kickoff of the holiday season is generally considered to be Thanksgiving. While the images of large feasts and time off from work are positive, there are negatives that must be considered. The dangers on the road are a concern for everyone and it is important to think about them, prepare for them, and know what to do if a person or a family member is involved in an auto accident.

Head-on auto accident kills child, injures multiple people

Injuries and fatalities can result from any type of auto accident in St. Peters and throughout Missouri. Some of the worst are when there are children involved. People might be adhering to all the laws, driving their vehicle safely, ensuring that the children are properly restrained and taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe, but an auto accident can happen without warning. If it is a head-on car crash, there can be catastrophic injuries and death. Those who have had the misfortune of being in this kind of auto accident must keep in mind that they have the right to consider a lawsuit.

Daylight savings time can lead to motor vehicle accidents

Missourians and people across the U.S. accept that daylight savings time is a part of life. It signifies the changing of the seasons and, in the winter, it technically gives people an "extra" hour of sleep due to them having grown accustomed to the previous time change in the spring when they "lost" an hour to get an extra hour of daylight. While the arguments as to its benefits and drawbacks can go on endlessly, there are certain statistics that should be of concern to everyone on the road. The change can result in drowsy drivers and the accompanying dangers.

Study suggests link between ride-sharing and car crash deaths

In Missouri and across the U.S., there are debates and discussions as to the real causes of auto accidents and how to reduce their frequency. Many factors are commonly cited including, distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, recklessness and more. A correlation between ride-sharing services and road fatalities is being cited as a potential reason for the rise in car accident deaths.

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