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Motorcyclist dies after intersection crash with car

When a motorcyclist is on the road, it is important the drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks keep a close eye on them. Since there are many people in Missouri who ride motorcycles, it is taken for granted that all other drivers will share the road safely and make certain to pay strict attention. Unfortunately, people will take for granted that others will adhere to the rules of the road, yield when they are supposed to and take necessary precautions. After a crash, people who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a motorcycle-car crash must think about filing a lawsuit to be compensated.

Missouri cities appear twice in top 20 for dog bites

The idea of dogs biting mail carriers might seem like something from television comedy, but it is a legitimate issue with many mail carriers suffering serious injury because of it. Any dog bite incident can result in extensive damage to the victim. In some cases, it even results in death. Research is done to assess how common dogs bite mail carriers and where the problem is most frequently occurring. A new study impacts Missourians as two large cities fell in the top 20 for number of dog bites. Mail carriers and anyone else who is bitten by an animal should remember that they have rights to be compensated.

Remember, the insurer is not a friend

When you are in an accident that is not your fault, you deserve to receive restitution for your suffering. If you or the injuring party have insurance, you may be able to argue a successful claim.

Many distracted drivers use social media and videos, study says

Distracted driving is a frequent topic of conversation in Missouri and across the nation. This not because it is trendy to discuss it, but because it is such a common and growing issue that is placing people in danger of a car crash with injuries and fatalities. While many will understandably classify being a distracted driver as texting and driving and making phone calls, the concerns are in fact worse as drivers are prone to take part in activities that require even greater attention to the device and will naturally reduce the amount of attention they pay to the road.

Veteran allegedly a victim of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes and care facilities in Missouri and across the U.S. are meant to help those who need assistance for their daily lives. The goal is to provide care that family members cannot. Illnesses, injuries and conditions can put anyone in a position where they need to be placed in a nursing home. In some cases, veterans need this level of care, even if they are not elderly. Unfortunately, in many facilities, the care is lacking.

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