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Injured police officer files lawsuit after auto accident

Missouri law enforcement officers are accustomed to helping others after there has been an auto accident. However, since officers must be on the road and go out and about just like anyone else, they too can be involved in accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. Some of the accidents happen in unusual circumstances. Law enforcement officers can face the same challenges as anyone else after a car accident. That includes medical costs, long-term injuries and problems getting back to work. Filing a lawsuit is an alternative for anyone who needs compensation after a crash.

Tips for avoiding slip-and-fall accidents in the summer

Summertime is almost here. As you prepare to enjoy the warm weather, it is important to prioritize your safety regarding slip-and-fall accidents. It is easy to assume slip-and-fall injuries occur mostly in the winter, but there are plenty of hazards that can put you at risk in the summer months. 

Legal help is key after rear-end car accident injuries

Any auto accident in Missouri brings about the possibility that there will be injuries and fatalities. One type of accident that is exceedingly dangerous is a rear-end auto accident. Because drivers and passengers who are rear-ended do not see it coming, they do not get the opportunity to brace themselves for the impact. Being hit from behind can cause spinal cord injuries, neck injuries and head injuries. These can have a long-term impact on a person's life and even lead to a fatality. After a rear-end crash, it is imperative to understand the potential consequences and discuss a legal filing with a qualified attorney.

Loss of a loved one during and after childbirth worryingly common

Having a child is one of the most exciting parts of a person's life in Missouri and across the U.S. While it is a common occurrence and medical professionals who are involved in the birth are generally experienced, there is still risk involved. The health of the mother and baby will be in jeopardy for a variety of reasons. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that there are a substantial number of deaths from pregnancy. This information can be important for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this situation and are considering filing a lawsuit for compensation.

Research shows distracted truck driver issues can multiply

Large trucks are a constant on the road in Missouri. Since these vehicles must share the road with passenger vehicles, it is natural for those in the smaller vehicles to be wary of them. The potential for serious injury and death when there is a truck accident is significant. That makes it increasingly risky when there is a distracted truck driver. Recent research from the analytics provider Lytx says that the problem of distracted truckers may be worse than previously thought. This information can be critical when seeking compensation through a legal filing.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rise with light rain

Missourians know that the roads can be a dangerous place. With the risk of auto accidents increasing with the number of drivers who are distracted and reckless, worry is understandable. However, another issue that poses a danger for a car crash with catastrophic injuries and death is inclement weather. While certain types of weather are known to be dangerous, a new study says that even slight rain can cause a significant chance of a fatal accident. Those who were impacted by this type of crash should be cognizant of the research when considering a legal filing for compensation.

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