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Understanding the initial signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

As the average life expectancy continues to lengthen, individuals in Missouri and elsewhere are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the care of an aging loved one. While it may be ideal to care for an elderly loved one on his or her own, this can quickly turn into a major role that one cannot fulfill while also maintaining a full time job and a personal life. Thus, the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is one that many are faced with.

Helping you take action after a truck accident

Motor vehicles maintain a very important role in society. They not only assist with the transportation of individuals to and from their destinations, but they also help with the transportation of shipments. Large trucks, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks, are extremely valuable in Missouri and elsewhere when it comes to intrastate and interstate commerce. While there are many benefits for these large vehicles, there are also several risks on the roadways caused by their constant travel throughout the nation.

Will they ease the hours of service rule for truck drivers?

While some drivers are faced with long commutes to work or for business, this often does not compare to the length of time truck drivers spend on the roadways. Driving a large motor vehicle across the state or several states is commonplace for truck drivers in Missouri and elsewhere; however, it is always a job that comes with many risks no matter how many years of experience a driver has.

Modern distractions take drivers' eyes off the road

Motorists in Missouri and elsewhere can recall being told to keep their eyes on the road since the very first time they got behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is not just a saying, and it was told with good reason. With the constant advancements in technology and the growing need to stay connected, distracted driving is increasing across the nation.

Three injured after motorcycle, car collide

Motor vehicles of all varieties share the roads in Missouri and other states across the nation. This means that a semi-truck driver should expect to share the road with motorcyclists on any given day. While motorists maintain this knowledge, this does not always means they are watchful of one another. Failing to drive safe, whether by driving negligently, recklessly or under the influence, could result in a serious accident. And in some cases, the errors and negligence of multiple drivers could be the cause of an injury-causing car accident.

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