Unfortunately, car accidents happen and can leave victims with extensive physical, financial and emotional damages they must contend with. Victims may need help with their damages following a variety of different types of traumatic accidents that cause them harm, including car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents.

It is helpful for victims to know what types of personal injury damages may be available to help them and how they can receive the compensation they need. Personal injury damages can include:

Medical Damages

Victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses for the medical care and treatment they need. Medical damages can include emergency care costs, doctor’s visits, medications and medical equipment and even travel expenses. Additionally, if future medical care is required, the victim may be able to recover compensation for future medical care costs as well.

Lost Wages Damages

Victims may be able to recover compensation for their lost wages while they are unable to work because of the injuries they have suffered. Additionally, if the victim’s long-term ability to work is impacted by the injuries suffered in the accident, they may be able to recover lost-earning capacity damages as well.

Pain and Suffering Damages

Victims may be able to recover pain and suffering damages for the emotional trauma of the unexpected accident and the emotional toll that it takes on them. Damages for disfigurement and disability may also be available.

A personal injury claim for damages can he brought against a negligent party, such as a negligent driver, responsible for the harm suffered by the victim. Personal injury legal remedies are an important resource for car accident victims and their families to be familiar with as they struggle with the unexpected aftermath of a car accident.