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Speeding can turn pedestrian accidents into fatalities

Speeding has become a significant problem on roadways. It is dangerous not only for those speeding, but also for anyone else on the road. Pedestrian accidents can be especially deadly when a speeding vehicle is involved. A recent accident in Missouri proved this to be true.

Pedestrian accidents: Alleged driver impairment blamed for death

Pedestrians who are walking along Missouri roads sometimes put their lives on the line. While many pedestrian accidents occur at night when drivers fail to see people dressed in dark clothing, some lives are lost when negligent drivers strike pedestrians in bright daylight. Such negligence often includes intoxication or distraction. Columbia police recently reported that such an accident claimed the life of a 36-year-old pedestrian.

Pedestrian accidents: Alleged drunk ATV driver kills pedestrian

Too many Missouri residents lose their lives in crashes that are caused by drunk drivers. Some of these tragedies are pedestrian accidents. A 22-year-old woman from Polo died recently after she was struck by a vehicle. The accident occurred in the northwestern area of Ray County in the late night of a recent Saturday. It involved an all-terrain vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents: Family struck by alleged drugged driver

Biking, jogging or just taking a walk with one's family should not be a life-threatening experience. Missouri laws require drivers to keep a lookout for pedestrians, yield to them in crosswalks and obey speed limits, traffic lights and other rules of the road. When vehicle operators fail to take due care, pedestrian accidents with devastating consequences can result.

Pedestrian accidents: Fast food manager killed on his way home

Pedestrians on Missouri roads will always be at risk, especially when they are walking after dark. Vehicle operators are required to keep a lookout for pedestrians, but fatal pedestrian accidents occur far too frequently. A Grandview family lost a loved one who was struck by a car in the early morning hours of Dec. 27.

Pedestrian accidents: Flying wheel strikes husband and wife

Before taking commercial trucks onto Missouri roads, operators must do safety checks. There are many things that can go wrong on big rigs on the roadway, particularly when they are carrying heavy loads. If malfunctions on trucks are not addressed correctly and in a timely manner, severe injuries in vehicle or pedestrian accidents may occur. Civil claims for financial relief may arise from a recent incident that caused serious personal injury to two pedestrians after they were struck by an unsecured truck wheel in Lebanon.

Back to school time increases potential for pedestrian accidents

Many schools, colleges and universities in Missouri have recently welcomed back thousands of students of all ages. This brings about increased levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and, unfortunately, also higher numbers of pedestrian accidents. Authorities are urging vehicle operators to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians, especially when they enter school zones.

Pedestrian accidents: 2-Car crash kills pedestrian in Missouri

A Missouri man recently lost his life when he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He died from his injuries after he was struck by a car on Interstate 29 in the vicinity of Rock Port. Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the accident occurred in the early hours of a recent Monday morning. Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon, but in this case, it was a collision between two cars that caused the death of the pedestrian.

Pedestrian accidents in St Louis reach alarming numbers

In order to protect pedestrians and others using our roadways, motorists must comply with applicable Missouri laws. Pedestrian accident numbers in St. Louis have reached levels that is cause for concern in residents. In 2014, seven pedestrian accidents were recorded. Six such accidents -- some of them fatal -- have occurred in the first quarter of this year.

One of many Missouri car accidents kills mother in parking lot

A 10-year-old girl from Missouri will live with the knowledge that she is alive because her mother gave her life in order to save the life of her daughter. The Metropolitan Police Department in St. Louis reported a recent call-out to a tragic auto-pedestrian accident in the parking area of a Walgreens store. Fatal car accidents in parking lots are not common occurrences, as motorists normally do not travel at a high rate of speed under those circumstances.

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