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Understanding the initial signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

As the average life expectancy continues to lengthen, individuals in Missouri and elsewhere are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the care of an aging loved one. While it may be ideal to care for an elderly loved one on his or her own, this can quickly turn into a major role that one cannot fulfill while also maintaining a full time job and a personal life. Thus, the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is one that many are faced with.

Taking action against nursing home neglect

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is not always an easy decision for individuals in Missouri to make. While it is often an appropriate step to take because it is too difficult to care for a loved one that can no longer care for him or herself, it is challenging to entrust a facility to provide the proper care and safe environment necessary. When a nursing home or nursing home staff fails to meet their requirements, this could be deemed as negligence. Nursing home negligence is a serious matter, and could result in an elderly loved one suffer serious harms or even death.

Veteran allegedly a victim of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes and care facilities in Missouri and across the U.S. are meant to help those who need assistance for their daily lives. The goal is to provide care that family members cannot. Illnesses, injuries and conditions can put anyone in a position where they need to be placed in a nursing home. In some cases, veterans need this level of care, even if they are not elderly. Unfortunately, in many facilities, the care is lacking.

Protect loved ones in nursing homes from financial exploitation

When the words "nursing home abuse and neglect" are mentioned regarding residents in Missouri and across the nation, the first thing that most people think about is physical, emotional and even sexual abuse. This is understandable given the number of stories that are in the news about elderly and infirm residents being mistreated in this way. People can be injured and even lose their lives due to errors and abuse in nursing homes. However, there are other ways in which people can be mistreated, and it often goes undetected. This includes financial exploitation.

Sexual abuse of dementia patient alleged at Missouri nursing home

It is a difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home so they can receive the treatment and care they cannot get at home. The illnesses and conditions that make it necessary for nursing home care are such that the staff must be attentive, professional and caring. Unfortunately, there are incidents in nursing homes that cause injuries and death to the residents.

Nursing home abuse and other violations plague Missouri facility

Family members in Missouri who make the difficult decision to place an elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home do so after serious thought and consideration. Determining if it is the right step, which facility will give the best care and whether there are concerns to address are all part of the process. When there is a belief that a loved one living in a facility is being mistreated or there is clear evidence of it, families are warranted in taking the necessary steps to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Nursing home neglect might be due to lack of staffing

For Missouri families that place their elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home, there is an inevitable concern that the treatment will not be sufficient to provide them proper care. Often, that worry stems from the possibility that nursing home abuse or neglect will take place. One issue that is rarely considered is that the facility itself will not be adequately staffed. The failure to have enough people to care for the residents can cause major problems with their health and well-being.

Focus on elder abuse meant to shine light on the problem

With the passage of time, Missourians will inevitably experience the increasing need to care for elderly loved ones. Some will care for their elderly relatives themselves; some will hire a person to come to the home; while others will need to place the elderly person in a facility so professional care can be given. It is an unfortunate reality, however, that elder abuse is growing more and more common. Knowing what steps to take when there is a belief that this is happening is critical.

Family members lodge multiple complaints of nursing home abuse

Missouri families who make the tough but necessary decision to place a loved one in a nursing home have the right to expect that the care will be up to standard. However, there are frequently issues with many of these facilities that lead to the patients being injured, ill or losing their lives. Since family members often do not find out about nursing home neglect or abuse until it is too late, it is critical to keep an eye out for the warning signs and know which facilities might have had problems in the past. When there is a belief that abuse or other problems are taking place at a nursing home, a legal professional should be consulted.

Allegations of nursing home abuse spark changes at facility

Missouri families who take the necessary step to place a loved one in a nursing home or other type of care facility do not do so lightly. It is a major decision to entrust a loved one's care to others all day, every day. Doing so will be to the benefit of the resident and the family if it is a quality facility and all the required care is given. However, there are times when there is nursing home neglect, abuse, mistreatment and other issues. Even if the state is informed of what is happening and steps are taken to put a stop to it, those who have been harmed have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

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