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Research shows distracted truck driver issues can multiply

Large trucks are a constant on the road in Missouri. Since these vehicles must share the road with passenger vehicles, it is natural for those in the smaller vehicles to be wary of them. The potential for serious injury and death when there is a truck accident is significant. That makes it increasingly risky when there is a distracted truck driver. Recent research from the analytics provider Lytx says that the problem of distracted truckers may be worse than previously thought. This information can be critical when seeking compensation through a legal filing.

Truck accident statistics show worrisome increase in fatalities

Missourians are fully aware of the dangers of the road. A major factor in these risks is the presence of large trucks. Delivery trucks move commerce back and forth across the nation, provide jobs and are key factors in the economy. Since Missouri is centrally located, it is a hub for trucks. Unfortunately, along with the benefits come certain risks. Being in a semi-truck crash often leads to terrible consequences for those in smaller vehicles. Understanding the statistics is imperative to seeking methods to reduce these accidents.

Safety technology still lacking to reduce truck accidents

Missouri drivers who see large trucks sharing the road with them and wince at the prospect of a crash and its aftermath have reason to be concerned. Not only do these vehicles travel at significant speeds, go great distances, and are controlled by drivers who might be experiencing fatigue, but there are ingrained issues regarding truck safety that are not being addressed. For those who have been injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one because of one, it is wise to understand the various factors that contribute to these crashes.

Latest truck accident data shows increase in number of deaths

The roads in Saint Peters and across Missouri will inevitably have trucks sharing the road with conventional vehicles. Since trucks are so common, many people treat them as if they are part of the background and do not think about the dangers of an accident. Despite this, the risk is still present and a crash with a truck can lead to severe injuries or death. Because these vehicles are so large and fast, any impact will be exponentially worse than they are with a smaller vehicle. The tracking of statistics for truck accidents can be beneficial for trying to avoid future trucking accidents.

Speeding drivers, other risky behavior can cause a truck accident

Missourians who encounter large trucks on the road might be intimidated by their size and the speeds at which they travel. It can be scary to share the road with these large vehicles and imagine the aftermath of a crash with one of them. Since they dwarf conventional vehicles, a truck accident can lead to serious injury and death. While some accidents are unavoidable due to circumstances, others happen due to truck driver behavior. When there is a trucking accident, the reason it occurred can be a key factor in a claim for compensation. Research can help to determine why these incidents occur.

After a truck accident, a lawsuit can recover damages

Trucks are such a prominent sight on the roads of Saint Peters and throughout Missouri that people will not even think about the possible risks that accompany them. Given that these vehicles are so large, travel at high speeds, and have drivers who might not be as vigilant about the law and regulations as they should be, there is always the chance that there will be a truck accident.

Delivery truck accident victims need legal help

With the holiday season so bustling and busy, the idea will be stated that Missourians should be cognizant of the increased traffic on the roadways will be raised. However, truck drivers must make sure they are cautious. Many of these vehicles will be large trucks in a rush to make deliveries in time for various gift-giving days. A delivery truck might be perceived as a local vehicle going from house-to-house making stops, but it also encompasses larger trucks getting to stores and sorting facilities. These vehicles have deadlines they must adhere to and the stress of the holiday season can lead to mistakes made by the drivers, truck driver fatigue and more. This can lead to an accident.

No mandated testing for truck drivers with sleep apnea

Missouri roadways will often have large trucks going back and forth. These vehicles travel great distances at significant speeds. Given their size and these factors, a crash with a truck can lead to severe injuries and death. One issue that is worrisome not just for truckers but also for train operators is sleep apnea.

Truck driver with suspended license has multi-car accident

Large trucks are a common sight on the Missouri roadways. The majority are operated safely within the boundaries of the law by operators who understand the various rules under which they work and adhere to them. However, there are also instances when truck accidents take place and it is due to the trucker not adhering to the laws and rules. For those who are involved in an accident with a truck, the sheer size of these vehicles and speeds at which the travel lend itself to there being serious injuries and fatalities. Those who have been affected by a trucking accident should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

One person seriously injured in truck collision

Trucks are an integral part of our economy-they transport material from one state to another and help the economies grow. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, state and federal laws both regulate them. These laws are about truck driver's driving and resting hours and the size of the trucks among other things. The reason these regulations exist is because, when a truck accident takes place, the devastation is often more than that of a car accident. The weight and size of the truck makes it a formidable object and the injuries and damage sustained in a truck accident are often more severe than those sustained in a car crash.

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