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Tips for avoiding distracted driving

If your mind is not on the road when you're driving, you run the risk of ignoring potential hazards and not reacting in time to avoid an accident. There are many things that can distract a driver, with cell phone use leading the list. Fortunately, drivers can cut down on the likelihood of getting distracted by taking the time for some advance planning before setting out.

Texting is not the only form of distracted driving

You might think of cell phones when you hear the term "distracted driving," but that's not always the case. Your state of mind factors in there too. If you've just had an argument with your spouse, or if your job is stressing you out - the overall impact of the tension you are experiencing can be distracting when you are behind the wheel.

Father runs campaign to reduce distracted driving car accidents

Following up on our blog post about distracted driving on Oct 24 ("How will you prove distracted driving caused your personal injury"), a grieving father is trying to create awareness of distracted driving after the death of his daughter. She was one of three students of a Missouri High School who lost their lives in car accidents during the past six months. His concern shares that of many others about the high numbers of teenagers dying on our roads.

How will you prove distracted driving caused your personal injury

Mobile devices form an important part of the life of most Missouri residents. Unfortunately, not all drivers recognize the dangers of operating such devices while driving a vehicle. Despite campaigns to create awareness of the possible consequences, some drivers continue to make and receive calls while driving, along with texting and accessing social media. A car accident causing personal injury or worse could happen in a split second, when the driver's attention is on a mobile device rather that the road.

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