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SUV driver behind bars after allegedly causing biker's death

An O'Fallon man is behind bars after he allegedly caused a fatal accident that involved two Missouri motorcyclists. An accident report that was prepared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicates that the incident occurred in the early afternoon of a recent Monday. The man was the driver of an SUV that smashed into two motorcycles.

Biker and his passenger killed in wrong-way Missouri crash

It is not uncommon for distracted drivers to cross into the lanes of traffic that are heading in the opposite direction. While mobile phones often cause distractions, more unusual things are sometimes blamed. After the deaths of a Missouri biker and his passenger, the driver of a pickup truck that is deemed responsible blamed his dog for jumping onto his lap, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

Many teenagers die in car accidents involving alcohol

The feeling of empowerment when teenagers reach the age at which they are allowed to drive is indescribable. Unfortunately, temptations to drink and drive are endless and often lead to car accidents with fatalities and/or severe injuries. Being aware of the laws in Missouri related to drunk driving may help drivers make smart choices and avoid legal problems.

Missouri biker dies when car turns into his path

A fatal accident was reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol on a recent Monday afternoon in Schuyler County. A 68-year-old motorcyclist reportedly lost his life. Whenever a biker is struck by a car or another vehicle, it is not uncommon for the motorcycle rider to suffer severe or fatal injuries. That is because a motorcyclist is not protected by the body of a vehicle nor is ejection prevented by a seat belt.

Motorcycle accidents: 23-year-old killed in crash with Jeep

When a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcyclist is typically more likely to die than the driver or passengers of a car. Without the protection of the body of the car and a seat belt to prevent ejection, bike riders often suffer catastrophic injuries -- or worse -- in motorcycle accidents. Missouri police reported a fatal bike crash that occurred near a busy Columbia intersection on a recent Monday afternoon.

Unobservant drivers sometimes cause serious motorcycle accidents

Missouri motorcyclists are exposed to many dangers on the road. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are caused by vehicle operators that fail to keep a proper lookout for these smaller vehicles. Based upon the preliminary information reported, it appears that a recent Monday afternoon accident was caused by such circumstances.

SUV driver with DWI conviction history arrested for biker's death

It is sometimes said that motorcyclists put their lives on the line when they take to the busy Missouri roads. One of the unanticipated hazards that may be encountered by a biker is a drunk driver. A 23-year-old Missouri man recently lost his life in an accident that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

The challenges after motorcycle accidents can be overwhelming

Motorcycle accidents are never anticipated, and people in Missouri -- as in many other states -- may think it is something that happens to other people. When they are involved in motorcycle accidents, the emotional and financial challenges could be overwhelming. Life-changing injuries and the deaths of loved ones have so many consequences, and dealing with it all may be just too much. Fortunately, no one has to cope alone through this difficult time.

Severe injuries not uncommon in motorcycle accidents

When motorcycles and automobiles collide, it is not uncommon for the motorcycle riders to suffer severe injuries, which can be fatal. As summertime approaches, motorcycle accidents will likely become more prevalent as more riders take to the roads in warmer weather. The Missouri State Highway Patrol recently reported a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle in Jefferson County.

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