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How common are dog bites?

Owning a dog is fairly common for residents in Missouri and elsewhere. While it is commonplace to see dog owners walking their dogs on the sidewalks and the park and to see dogs contained in their yards, this does not automatically mean that the general public is protected from them. If a dog owner fails to properly secure their dog or guard visitors from a dangerous dog, this could cause liability to be placed on them if a dog bite occurs.

Missouri cities appear twice in top 20 for dog bites

The idea of dogs biting mail carriers might seem like something from television comedy, but it is a legitimate issue with many mail carriers suffering serious injury because of it. Any dog bite incident can result in extensive damage to the victim. In some cases, it even results in death. Research is done to assess how common dogs bite mail carriers and where the problem is most frequently occurring. A new study impacts Missourians as two large cities fell in the top 20 for number of dog bites. Mail carriers and anyone else who is bitten by an animal should remember that they have rights to be compensated.

What should a person do after suffering a dog bite?

As St. Peters residents get out and about during these last days of summer, potential danger and injury may be the last things on their minds. But, it can be a very wise thing indeed to be ready for these situations so they don't catch a person completely off guard. This blog post will describe what a person should do if they, or a loved one, suffers a dog bite.

Mail carrier suffers dog bites all over her body

While there are many different types of accidents that can cause injuries to a Missouri resident, one of the most unexpected is from a dog attack. While dogs are treated as beloved pets, that does not alter the reality that if one is mistreated, vicious or allowed to run free, there is a chance that it can bite a person. When someone receives a dog bite, it can cause serious injury and even death. The owner of the dog is responsible for its behavior and it is possible to file a lawsuit to receive compensation after being bitten and injured by a dog.

Legal assistance is key after a Saint Peters animal attack

When Saint Peters residents think about the potential ways in which they can suffer injuries when they leave their home, there are numerous ways that may come to mind, but among the last of those considered will be an animal attack. While these types of incidents might seem unusual, they are quite frequent. A dog attack or being bitten or otherwise injured by any kind of animal or pet can cause significant damage and even death. Those who have been subjected to an animal attack might have massive medical expenses, disfigurement, long-term damage and personal issues. Having legal assistance when considering a lawsuit is essential.

Animal bites can be serious, deadly

Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend. Thousands of animals are welcomed into homes of Americans, including those from the St. Peters, Missouri, area, as family members and friends. But not all dogs are the same. Unfortunately, not all dogs are friendly.

What to do following an animal bite

Millions of Americans, including many from the Saint Peters, Missouri, area, welcome animals into their homes and families as pets. While a vast majority of pets are tame and loving, there are times when an animal may lash out at another person. Based on statistics from the Insurance Information Institute, in 2012 alone there were as many as 16,500 insurance claims from dog bites alone. And those figures do not include attacks from other pets such as horses, cats or reptiles.

Missouri dog owners may be strictly liable for dog bites

Dogs may be "man's best friend," but they are still animals and as such have the capacity to bite. A dog might bite a person if it feels threatened or scared, but sometimes a dog will bite a person even if the dog was not provoked in any way. Dog bites can inflict serious injuries, and depending on the size of the dog and the extent of the attack could even threaten a person's life.

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