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Pedestrian seriously injured in Missouri crash

As any Missouri resident can attest, the roadways can be a busy place. Whether it is a major highway or rural road, these roads experience a wide range of traffic from a variety of motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Because more than just motor vehicles travel on the roadways, motorists should be aware of cyclists and pedestrians at all times, even in areas where they do not regularly frequent. The negligence of a motorist could easily result in a serious or fatal pedestrian crash.

Modern distractions take drivers' eyes off the road

Motorists in Missouri and elsewhere can recall being told to keep their eyes on the road since the very first time they got behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is not just a saying, and it was told with good reason. With the constant advancements in technology and the growing need to stay connected, distracted driving is increasing across the nation.

Three injured after motorcycle, car collide

Motor vehicles of all varieties share the roads in Missouri and other states across the nation. This means that a semi-truck driver should expect to share the road with motorcyclists on any given day. While motorists maintain this knowledge, this does not always means they are watchful of one another. Failing to drive safe, whether by driving negligently, recklessly or under the influence, could result in a serious accident. And in some cases, the errors and negligence of multiple drivers could be the cause of an injury-causing car accident.

Car accident study places Missouri teens among worst U.S. drivers

In Missouri and across the United States, teen drivers are on the road. This is a natural and inevitable occurrence. Every driver needs to start somewhere and most begin their life on the road in their teen years. While it is an exciting time and many teens are vigilant and cautious about their new responsibilities, there are still dangers due to inexperience. When adding in other factors like negligence, recklessness, texting and driving and driving under the influence, teens are one of the riskiest demographics of drivers.

NHTSA releases personal injury stats of pedestrians and cyclists

For pedestrians and bicyclists in Missouri, the roads can be a treacherous place. The number of motor vehicles on the road is always a worry, but with people driving while distracted, driving under the influence, being drowsy behind the wheel and committing other dangerous acts, everyone is at risk. This is especially true of people who are walking or are riding a bicycle. Statistics bear out just how much danger these people are in. After an auto accident with a rider or a pedestrian, the aftermath can be costly in myriad ways. Having legal advice to consider a lawsuit is key.

Motor vehicle accidents spike in the summer in Missouri

Most Missourians look forward to the summer when the weather will be warm, there will be time for leisure activities and it is easier to relax. Still, the inherent risks when out on the road are magnified during the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day, as there are more people on the road in general. Specifically, there are more teens who are not as experienced or vigilant when driving. These are known as the "100 Deadliest Days of Summer" and it is a time where accidents are known to spike. Those who have had an auto accident and suffered the consequences must be cognizant of their rights to seek compensation.

Ignored recalls could cause a ride sharing auto accident

Missourians who want to avoid driving will often use public transportation or catch a ride with a friend or colleague. The abundance of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft has provided a more convenient option to get from one place to the other without needing to think about the costs and hazards associated with driving oneself. Despite the potential benefits, there are risks. One that is becoming known is the number of these vehicles that are on the road despite being subject to recalls. For those who were in a crash and suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in a ride sharing accident, this is a key factor when considering a legal filing for compensation.

Injured police officer files lawsuit after auto accident

Missouri law enforcement officers are accustomed to helping others after there has been an auto accident. However, since officers must be on the road and go out and about just like anyone else, they too can be involved in accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. Some of the accidents happen in unusual circumstances. Law enforcement officers can face the same challenges as anyone else after a car accident. That includes medical costs, long-term injuries and problems getting back to work. Filing a lawsuit is an alternative for anyone who needs compensation after a crash.

Legal help is key after rear-end car accident injuries

Any auto accident in Missouri brings about the possibility that there will be injuries and fatalities. One type of accident that is exceedingly dangerous is a rear-end auto accident. Because drivers and passengers who are rear-ended do not see it coming, they do not get the opportunity to brace themselves for the impact. Being hit from behind can cause spinal cord injuries, neck injuries and head injuries. These can have a long-term impact on a person's life and even lead to a fatality. After a rear-end crash, it is imperative to understand the potential consequences and discuss a legal filing with a qualified attorney.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rise with light rain

Missourians know that the roads can be a dangerous place. With the risk of auto accidents increasing with the number of drivers who are distracted and reckless, worry is understandable. However, another issue that poses a danger for a car crash with catastrophic injuries and death is inclement weather. While certain types of weather are known to be dangerous, a new study says that even slight rain can cause a significant chance of a fatal accident. Those who were impacted by this type of crash should be cognizant of the research when considering a legal filing for compensation.

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