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Many distracted drivers use social media and videos, study says

Distracted driving is a frequent topic of conversation in Missouri and across the nation. This not because it is trendy to discuss it, but because it is such a common and growing issue that is placing people in danger of a car crash with injuries and fatalities. While many will understandably classify being a distracted driver as texting and driving and making phone calls, the concerns are in fact worse as drivers are prone to take part in activities that require even greater attention to the device and will naturally reduce the amount of attention they pay to the road.

Texting and driving bans reduced hospitalizations in many states

Distracted driving is one of the biggest risks on the road today. This is true in Missouri and across the entire nation. While many states have taken steps to make texting and driving illegal and penalize drivers who are caught in the act, Missouri is one of three states with either a partial or no ban on the practice. When considering that, it is important to understand the scope of the problem. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a car crash will often consider the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver. This is how severe the issue has become.

Motor vehicle accidents from drowsy driving linked to time change

Missourians often view the time change that happens every spring where the clocks are moved an hour ahead as a regular part of life. They might think that it is nothing to be concerned about except for a lost hour of sleep. However, this time shift is a bigger worry. This is because research has shown how the "spring forward" can place people in danger due to drowsy drivers.

Fatal head-on car crash leads to felony charges for driver

When there is an auto accident in Missouri, the circumstances are critical to determining the viability of a legal filing for compensation. This is especially true when there are catastrophic injuries and a fatality. For example, if a driver was under the influence, was driving recklessly, or was fleeing another accident, then it may be easier for a victim to impose liability.

NSC accident study shows fatalities still top 40,000 in U.S.

Missouri residents will understand that there are inherent dangers when heading out on the road. An auto accident can happen for a variety of reasons and come without warning. Statistics show just how dangerous driving can be. When assessing these reports, people are frequently surprised at how prevalent fatal auto accidents are. But the numbers alone don't tell the whole story. Instead, people also need to consider the causes of these wrecks.

Multiple people injured in St. Charles head-on car accident

Car accidents are a common concern across Missouri, including in St. Charles County, which can leave individuals with injuries and death. These accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. People who leave their home and head out in their automobiles are certainly not expecting to find themselves hospitalized with injuries that require surgical procedures and long-term care.

Lax road safety laws could spark Missouri motor vehicle accidents

Auto accidents are common in Missouri. When assessing the reasons why these crashes happen, legislators and law enforcement will try to formulate strategies to reduce their frequency. Some of the riskiest behaviors that drivers will take part in behind the wheel involve acting as a distracted driver. Such behaviors can include texting and driving, checking emails, using social media, and making phone calls. For people who are involved in an auto accident and suffer injuries, as well as those who lose a loved one in one of these wrecks, it can be helpful to understand applicable state laws and how they might be pertinent to an accident investigation.

Pedestrian accident sends two teens to hospital with injuries

Missouri pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries and fatalities when involved in a car crash. Some of the most at-risk people are students as they go back and forth to school. While it is a goal that drivers will understand the dangers to students and pay strict attention to the road, avoid recklessness and negligence, and follow the speed limit when near a school, that does not mean they will be as vigilant as they should be. When a pedestrian accident occurs, the victim can suffer catastrophic injuries and all the negatives that those types of injuries entail. Having legal advice is vital to decide on the next steps following one of these incidences, which may be the case for some Missouri students and their parents.

Texting and driving still not fully banned in Missouri

Missouri drivers must be aware of the array of dangers on the road. That includes poor weather and drivers who are under the influence, reckless, and distracted. The risks of encountering motorists who are not adhering to the rules of the road are well-known. Oftentimes, legislators and law enforcement take steps to try to reduce the risk of accidents by enacting and enforcing laws. These laws can be important when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit and seeking compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, with regard to distracted driving it is important to note that it is not even completely illegal in the state.

Distracted driver crashes put roadside workers in danger

Drivers who are on the road in Missouri and are trying to get to their destination want to do so as quickly and smoothly as possible. Frequently, they are in a rush and trying to multitask. That can include using a smartphone for various reasons. This can lead to being a distracted driver and putting others in danger. While this endangers other drivers and pedestrians, it also risks the lives of roadside workers. Given the number of crashes involving roadside workers and that they are happening more often, this is a concern that must be addressed.

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