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Pedestrian accidents: Missouri man killed on his way to church

Pedestrians should not feel as if they are risking their life by simply taking a walk or run. Missouri pedestrian accidents seem to be on the rise. With that being said, drivers exercising caution and alertness when navigating the roadways are critical to avoiding these types of incidents. There are times, sadly, where drivers will hit someone and keep driving. No matter what time of the day, drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians.

Fatal pedestrian accidents in Missouri

It is quite hard to comprehend how any individual could cause a motor vehicle accident and then, without regard, just vanish from the scene. When a hit-and-run accident occurs, victims can be left with the remnants of the horrible incident and the other party is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found. Pedestrian accidents in Missouri often result from a hit and run and, at times, they are fatal.

Pedestrian accidents: Driver arrested after deadly hit and run

A Missouri man was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident in which one person died. The families of those who are killed in pedestrian accidents typically struggle to move forward if the drivers are not identified. Fortunately, in most cases of hit and run accidents, law enforcement catches up with the drivers sooner or later.

Car accidents: Driver arrested after fleeing crash with injury

Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury, death or property damage is against the law in Missouri. Nevertheless, there are frequent reports of people driving -- and even running -- off after causing car accidents. An accident in which a driver was recently arrested after fleeing the scene on foot was recently reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Cell phone related car accidents more prevalent every year

The numbers of accidents caused by texting and talking while driving on roads nationwide, including Missouri, are ever growing and creating a raising concern. The National Safety Council says crashes linked to cell phone use are underreported, and the federal fatality data does not present an accurate picture. The NSC creates an annual estimate, and its latest report indicates that such car accidents have increased yet again.

Car accidents: Missouri boy killed by alleged hit-and-run driver

The loss of a child to a car accident is dreadful and will likely leave parents with a desire to see justice done. Not only will parents who have lost children to car accidents have many unanswered questions, but they will also likely face financial burdens caused by unexpected end-of-life expenses. Missouri parents now have to adjust to life without their son after he was recently killed by an alleged hit-and-run driver.

Bicycle accidents: Woman pleaded guilty to leaving accident scene

Following up on our blog post about a hit and run bicycle accident on Dec. 2, 2013 ("Bicycle accidents: Missouri Woman fleeing from 'ex' kills rider"), a hearing recently took place in a Missouri criminal court. The woman pleaded guilty to charges of leaving the scene of one of the bicycle accidents that happened in Missouri in Nov. of last year. The woman's formal sentence is scheduled for Sept. 25, but she was instructed to register with parole and probation in anticipation of the sentencing.

Missouri pedestrian accidents:

When Missouri pedestrians take to the roads, they may want to take extra care. While a motorist has the protection of the vehicle's structure, safety belt and airbags in the event of an accident, a pedestrian has no protection. Similarly, motorists must be vigilant to avoid pedestrian accidents, especially in cases where there are no sidewalks and pedestrian have no choice but to walk on the roadway.

Pedestrian accidents responsible for Missouri deaths

Teenagers tend to think that they have their entire lives ahead of them. They make plans for the future while often paying little attention to the small details of today. Their concerns usually revolve around friends and school. They often do not realize that disaster can strike and change things forever. Recently, a Missouri teenager became yet another victim of pedestrian accidents caused by a hit-and-run driver.

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