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Best ways for drivers to avoid distractions

When you are on the road, you want to cut down on the potential for distraction. Even a moment's inattention can result in a serious accident. While texting during driving is a rising concern, any of the three major types of distraction can lead to severe consequences. The following tips will help you keep your focus and drive safer.

Is the other driver automatically at fault for hitting my car?

In between the dangerous highways and busy streets of the city it is hard to avoid reckless drivers in Missouri. Over 103,000 people in Missouri sustained personal injuries or damages from car accidents in 2014 alone. It can be helpful to know the state fault system when you find yourself in a car accident.

What not to say or do after a car accident

Car accidents are something we all hope to avoid. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible. Therefore, learning how to react after an accident is crucial. This is especially true if you aren't at fault in a wreck. The following is a guideline that will tell you what you "shouldn't" say or do after an accident:

Top Five Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Nobody plans to be in a car accident. Most drivers are highly responsible when behind the wheel -- employing defensive driving skills. Motor vehicle accidents often erupt in the blink of an eye. Time may seem to stand still during a crash. The confusion and chaos at the site of an accident can disorient drivers and passengers involved in a wreck. It can be difficult to know what to do after a crash.

Keeping your teen driver safe behind the wheel

In recent years, more and more teen drivers have been hitting the road, thanks in part to lower gas prices and an improving economy. Yet an increase in teen drivers also correlates with an increase in teen deaths. Teenagers have the highest crash rates per mile of any drivers, and those between ages 16 and 19 are three times more likely to get killed in a car accident than older drivers.

5 Women injured in 1 of many Missouri cross-over car accidents

Five women suffered injuries in a recent auto accident on Highway MM. This was just one of many cross-over car accidents that have taken place on Missouri roads. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the collision occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon when two vehicles -- travelling east and west respectively -- both crossed over the center line, causing a head-on collision.

Car Accidents: Elderly man dies in apparent DUI accident

A 50-year-old Missouri man is facing multiple felony charges after a horrific crash on U.S. Highway 63 on a recent Tuesday evening. Of all the car accidents in the area, this was the first fatal crash this year. The accident also claimed the life of another driver, and one person suffered critical injuries.

Drivers crossing over center line cause car accidents

Regardless of the amount of care drivers take while driving on the busy Missouri roads, they will remain vulnerable to the actions of other drivers. Motorists can never be prepared for the danger of other vehicles unexpectedly crossing into their traffic lanes. It may be impossible to avoid such a vehicle, and if evasive action is taken, more car accidents may be caused.

Fatal car accident injuries cause death of young Missouri driver

When a young person dies in an accident, it often shocks the whole community. Such was the case when a 19-year-old Independence man died from fatal car accident injuries on a recent Sunday afternoon. The driver of another vehicle that was involved in the accident appeared in a Missouri court the following day.

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