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Multi-car crash kills one and injures three others

Even the most cautious drivers in Missouri can be confronted with incidents where they have little or no control. If one vehicle hits another vehicle and sends the second vehicle out of control, it can cause multiple negative outcomes. There can be a chain reaction accident with head-on crashes, T-bone collisions and worse. It can result in catastrophic injuries and death. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in car accidents must think about everything they must deal with in the future due to the incident and consider a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation.

Personal injury and death for pedestrians stays troublingly high

For Missouri pedestrians, the roads are rife with dangers. This was true before technological advancements gave drivers more ways to become distracted. The current climate has made it even more risky for pedestrians to be on the road. Given their vulnerability, pedestrians can face severe injuries and death after being hit by a motor vehicle. Many people might think they are cautious enough that an accident will not happen to them, but statistics are showing just how prevalent car-pedestrian accidents are becoming and why the problem is getting worse.

Man dies in car crash with snow an apparent factor

There are multiple dangers on the road in Saint Peters and throughout Missouri, but one of the most unpredictable is related to the weather. It could be snow, ice, rain or other natural hazards. All can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and become involved in motor vehicle accidents. These crashes can lead to injuries and fatalities. When there is any kind of car crash - whether it is weather-related or because of some other factor such as intoxication or distracted driving - those who are affected must know their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Drowsy driving found to be a major factor in car accidents

Missourians are keenly aware of the common dangers on the road today. That includes distracted drivers, drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence, and the ever-present inexperienced and reckless drivers. However, one issue that can be just as dangerous is a drowsy driver. One study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study shows that drowsy driving is a major problem - more of an issue than it was believed to be in the past.

Missouri ranks low on list of states in highway safety laws

All Missourians who head out on the road in their vehicles, as a motorcyclist, a bicyclist or a pedestrian are in constant danger of becoming involved in a crash. These accidents can cause significant changes to a person's life, cause them to accrue massive medical expenses, and can even cause death. Research is useful to determine the reasons these accidents happen. Since there are approximately 100 deaths on the road each day across the nation, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety has released a "report card" to detail the safest and most dangerous states in the U.S. Missouri came in close to the bottom.

Chain reaction auto accident kills one, injures another

Drivers in Saint Peters and throughout Missouri will know that there are certain concerns they will face when out on the road. Distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, reckless drivers, negligent drivers and more can cause a car accident and lead to injuries and fatalities. One issue that can also lead to a car accident is when a driver has a medical problem and loses control of the vehicle. Regardless of how these car accidents happened, a legal case can be initiated to receive compensation for what was lost.

Car accident victim dies when vehicle crashes into building

While it is unfortunate for Missourians to be involved in a car accident and suffer injuries, there is an inherent and justified expectation that those inside a building will be safe from a car crash. In truth, there are times when vehicles crash into buildings and hit people inside. The shocking nature of such an incident and the lack of protection a person has can cause severe injuries or even death. Those who are involved in or lose a loved one due to these types of car accidents should remember that they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Holiday season places people at risk for car accidents

Missouri residents who plan to travel during the holiday season should be cognizant of the various dangers that crop up during that hectic time. It can be a stressful endeavor to take to the roads even if the person is not traveling a great distance. Understanding the various risks that are prevalent not just during Christmas and into New Year's, but, in general, can be useful to avoid a car accident. Even if you are careful while driving, it is still possible to be involved in a car accident because of someone else's negligence. Having legal help to receive compensation is imperative after a car accident.

Three-vehicle accident causes injures man

When out on the road in Missouri, a car accident can happen without warning. People who are simply going about their business and performing the mundane tasks that go along with driving can quickly face a trip to the hospital with significant injuries and even fatalities. People who are involved in car accidents must remember the impact a car crash can have on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. While the obvious initial thought after an accident is to make certain that everyone is uninjured or gets treatment if they are hurt, it is also important to remember the right to consider a legal filing to seek compensation.

Fatal auto accident kills man, injures 4 others

Driving on the interstate in Missouri can be a dangerous endeavor. There are numerous vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed and many of the drivers might not be cautious or concerned about safety as the top priority. This can lead to car accidents with injuries and fatalities. When there is an auto accident, those who were affected by it must be aware of all the long-term ramifications they might face in its aftermath. A legal filing is often the only viable strategy to cover all that was lost.

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