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One of many motor vehicle accidents in Missouri claims 2 lives

Fifty Missouri children on a bus were left badly shaken but with no serious injuries after a minivan crashed into it. Motor vehicle accidents can happen in an instant. This one occurred as the bus was making a right turn. A minivan, driven by a 34-year-old man with a 20-year-old passenger, crashed into the rear of the bus. The force was such that both vehicles were sent off the road.

Car accidents in Missouri can cause irreversible damage

Car accidents in Missouri can cause irreversible damage, especially when they involve teenagers. A recent accident claimed the life of a Missouri teen on an average weekend as she was riding with a friend. The quick and unexpected loss connected with fatal car accidents can leave resounding grief when a person is so young and dearly loved by many people.

Missouri car accidents result in 7 deaths over Labor Day weekend

The tragic death of a family member or a loved one is something that everyone hopes to never have to experience. The pain and suffering that results is immeasurable and almost no amount of time is enough to bring about closure. Motor vehicle accidents can often result in serious injuries and are sometimes even fatal. There were seven fatal car accidents that occurred in Missouri over the recent holiday weekend.

Missouri hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents leave questions

Imagine losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident and not knowing why. Unfortunately, families are often left with just these types of feelings in hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents. In a recent accident in Missouri not one, but two families were left with unanswered questions as they struggle to come to terms with the tragic losses of their loved ones.

Car accidents like this are heart breaking dramas of human loss

It's not easy to describe the tragic reality that surrounds an accident involving dead teens. As in the case reported below, the teen victims of car accidents are often the most active, vibrant lights in their high schools and social groups. They may also be the scholars with worlds of practical contributions yet to make. In Missouri, one of those painful stories of lost youth, broken dreams and stricken parents must again be told.

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