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Why trucks can be so dangerous

All too often, it seems that people take for granted the potential hazards that are on the roads when people hop in their car and head out on the streets. Many hazards are obvious - a fallen tree across the road, inclement weather such as a flooded underpass, even a deer on the road could come as a surprise to a driver and lead to an accident, but none of these things are typically on the roads, so seeing them would naturally come as a surprise.

Truck accidents: Man killed in multi-truck accident

When drivers are not aware of their surroundings, accidents can happen. These accidents can be especially serious when semi-trucks are involved. Truck accidents often lead to major injuries and sometimes even fatalities. A Missouri man lost his life in a recent multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 44.

Truck accidents: Woman killed after Missouri collision

If an individual is killed in an automobile accident, filing a legal claim may be an option that the surviving family considers. Truck accidents often lead to such outcomes, and in cases of fatal incidents, families may have various options for legal recourse when it comes to potentially pursuing a claim. One family may soon be exploring their legal options after a recent crash in Missouri proved fatal.

Careless truck accidents on Missouri roads

Failing to be a conscious, cautious and observant driver can cause serious harm. This is especially true when the driver is operating a large commercial truck. Truck accidents in Missouri are often times fatal. It is common for drivers to have an uneasy feeling when passing tractor-trailers on the highways and byways. Unfortunately, while a majority of truck drivers practice safe driving, there are those truck drivers who do not.

Protecting the rights of those injured in truck accidents

When a large truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the results can be devastating. Even a low-speed impact can result in serious or fatal injuries for the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Those who are hurt in truck accidents often feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, but these Missouri accident victims have the right to seek a full physical and financial recovery.

Alleged cement truck driver impairment causes death of motorist

A popular Branson resident lost his life in a tragic accident on a recent Wednesday. According to an accident report, truck driver impairment allegedly led to the crash on Missouri 76. The man who died in this accident was 34 years old and worked as a server in several local restaurants.

Truck accidents: Son sues father, trucker after mother's death

The son and administrator of a Missouri woman's estate filed a lawsuit against a trucking company and its driver along with the deceased woman's husband who survived the accident in which she was killed. Truck accidents can be disastrous due to the sheer size and weight of the large vehicles. If trucks are not properly maintained, they pose severe risks to other Missouri road users.

Truck accidents: 2 injured in wreck involving 4 semi trucks

Accidents between trucks and cars can be devastating, but because truck drivers have the protection of the strong cabs, they often escape serious injury. However, when two or more commercial trucks collide, the sheer size and impact can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. One passerby recently described a Missouri wreck on Interstate 44 as one of the worst truck accidents he had ever seen.

Missouri truck accidents with motorcycles often fatal

Being informed that a family member or loved one has been involved in an accident can be one of the most emotionally trying times that an individual will experience. Motor vehicle accidents that result in fatalities can create everlasting sorrow to anyone that was close to the victim. Unfortunately, many truck accidents in Missouri have been known to end in tragedy.

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