You May Be Entitled To Workers’ Comp

Missouri workers who are hurt while performing their jobs are entitled by law to certain workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits generally include medical care for their work-related conditions and wage benefits to compensate them for past, present and future financial losses.

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Who Can Help

If you or a loved one was hurt during construction or manufacturing work, the attorneys of The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, can give you the advice you need. We can help you pursue maximum workers’ compensation benefits so you can take care of your medical needs and provide for your family. We can assist you if your case involves an on-the-job injury related to:

  • Lifting materials, equipment, tools or pallets
  • Crushing, bending or twisting
  • A falling object striking a worker
  • Machinery that runs into a worker, or vice-versa
  • A slip-and-fall that occurred on the job
  • A third-party claim for injuries caused by the negligence of another worker or company
  • A shop floor, factory or assembly line
  • A warehouse or stocking job
  • A construction site or road crew

Every workplace injury is different. If you have questions about a claim, we can answer them and help you understand your legal rights.

We Will Help You Move Forward

The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, has handled many job-related accident cases, obtaining maximum compensation for injured workers and their families. Please contact us to schedule a free case consultation. We are located in St. Charles. We have worked with clients throughout Missouri.